Conca’s Pizza Bar & Cafe

It was a very very very tiring and hot day and so I decided to forgo dinner and skipped it. Later in the night I was then chatting with Robin and we talked about Conca’s and Chilli Mussels. Little did I know, less than an hour later, off I was to Conca’s to try their Chilli Mussels! So coincidental!

It was a spur of the moment thing. It was really late, we were hungry and restless at home.

At an ungodly hour in Perth there’s not a lot of places to go to. And when i say ungodly, I seriously mean it.

‘Best Chilli Mussels in Perth’, they say.

And so it was.

Since it was at an ungodly hour, I forgotten to bring my orange baby with me…and therefore resulting in really bad pictures :S

Anyways, Conca’s is this neat little place run by Italians. Decorated the old school way, it gives you this feeling of funkyness(for a lack of a better word) when you’re there. It used to be a Net Cafe but not anymore.

They close at 3am so if you need a late night fix, it’s not too bad a place. They also serve freshly made to order pizzas, roasts, and other Italian food. But because mussels were what they were famous for, that was what we had.

We had a small serving of their Chilli Mussels (mild) and with an option of either garlic bread or spaghetti, we opted for the garlic bread. Total damage done was AUD25. And this isn’t for one person. Because with the portion they serve, you can actually share.

And so came a basket of garlic bread. Exactly what garlic bread should taste like. Crunchy on the outside and buttery on the inside. With just the right hint of garlic on it.

The small portion of Chilli Mussels was not at all small. It was in fact a very generous serving of maybe 20 mussels? 😀 Swimming in a bowl of yummilicius chilli-tomato gravy.


It’s chilli, sour, sweet, salty…everything. Nothing better than garlic bread to wipe off the gravy too!


Well, the title of ‘Best Chilli Mussels in Perth’ certainly did live up to my expectations 😛


5 thoughts on “Conca’s Pizza Bar & Cafe

  1. Goodness gracious….
    You guys really went there !! Ahahahaha….
    I’m glad that you enjoyed the chilli mussels there. For a non-mussel fan like me, i do admit I find their chilli mussels quite delicious.
    The garlic bread was HUGE !!
    Boy, can’t wait to go back oledy…

    • look Concas is my local, but lets face the fact that what ever sits in the bayne maire is revolting and the chilli muscles are only as good as other places.l love the local oldies that run it, reality is that they need to face the competion. Great, great pizza, and being open late wins them friends.

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