Please Mr Postman

It’s been quite a routine for me to check the mailbox for mails and stuff. Letters, bills, advertisements…yada yada yada.

And everytime you get a letter addressed to you…the feeling? Priceless. 😀

I was home alone one hot day and I heard this enging sound right ouside the house. It wasn’t Brandon’s cuz he’s is like seriously distinct, like thunder and it wasn’t Madeleine or Wui Hwa’s one either.

So i went to have a look and saw this white car and some guy came down.

I thought he saw me, but he didn’t and then he came to the door. It didn’t cross my mind that it could have been Mr Postman, and I was freaked out for a while.

Then he said, “This parcel for you?”


So embarassing okay?

Who in the world would have a name Tataroo? He must have thought I was some Japanese or something. Lol. And the look on his face? OMG. Like he was so amused at my name haha.

So that could only mean it was from one person 😀

And I was so amused at this little note written at the parcel for Mr. Postman.

TQ Mr/Ms Postman! (=

Amused not because i think it was funny. Amused because it was a coincident that I just read an entry related to it here.

It certainly made my day though. Hehe. Thanks Hamtaroo 😛

If you’re wondering what’s in the parcel…let’s just say it’s my essentials to get through uni and some very wu liao stuff 😛

Digressing, can you spot what’s on this tree?

Story: The camouflaged monster totally freaked me out. It may look far, but that freaking tree was right next to me. You see, it was a freaking hot day so i waited underneath the trees for the bus. And i turned, and surprise, surprise. This monster greeted my. Face to face. 0.O

All 20 cm of it. Eyes, scales, tail, everything.

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