A Musselrific Experience

We made our second trip to Conca’s, this time along with Charles. He loves garlic bread and we’ve been meaning to bring him there to eat garlic bread.

Why garlic bread alone?

You see…because he absolutely hates loathes dislikes mussels!

Okay, perhaps we didn’t know it was so bad…and so we forced him to eat one.

Just one.

Otherwise he’ll have to walk home (=

And the whole experience? Priceless.

You’d have to understand Mandarin to fully comprehend the video, but his expression.. 😆

We’re sorry, Charles (=

p/s The past few days have been so hot. Heat wave, seriously. Reaching 47 degrees even. But today? So freezing cold! It’s 19 degrees now…and the wind is so piercingly cold.


12 thoughts on “A Musselrific Experience

  1. arrrghhhh dial up cant watch video…
    but anyway… 19 degreees is soooooo niicceeeeee…..
    so is chilli mussels.. ahahha though its not my favourite, but i would love to makan it from time to time…

  2. aww haha! next timee lol.

    so freezing cold la. brain freeze seriously 😀 and don’t worry, you’ll have your coldness and chilli mussels soon. eh..chilli mussels on a cold day aint so bad eh? 😀

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