Chasing Time

 Warning: A long boring rant on my uni life.

Everytime a conversation strikes, people will ask me if i’ve been to various places around Perth.

Well, yes I’ve been to the more known places and those ‘must go’ places. But I havn’t explored Perth like I should have. Heck, during my first 2 weeks here before orientation I hardly been to anywhere else except for Southlands(10 minutes walk from my place). It’s good enough because we can get all our essentials there. There’s Coles, Woolworths, Hoyts Cinema, and all the eateries from fast food (Pizza Hut, McD, Eagle Boys, Subway, Gelare, etc.) to Indian and even Chinese.

It’s only the recent weeks that I’ve been up and about Perth.

Which is kinda weird, in the sense that…it’s just not me.

Uni life is killing us slowly.

Not to say that I’ve got lots of things to do though. At least not compared to the rest.

You see…there’s always this routine going on everynight.

Charles, Madeleine and Wui Hwa does work. They’re like the busiest among the lot(warning to all those planning to take law/commerce/pharmacy!!). Kai and I seldom have got work to do. It’s just on the rare occassion like reading logs and stuff. All can be done in 1 hour and almost always the night before lecture 😛 And Brandon? Let’s just leave him out… lol.

So we’re all in our rooms either doing work or for my case, watching series/listening to songs/surfing/chatting (actually we all do this…it’s called multitasking!!) and occasionally chat with each other on MSN even though we’re rooms apart.

Then we meet outside to get a drink or visit each other’s room when we get restless or while taking a break.

Then one by one we fall asleep usually in this order: Wui Hwa, Madeleine, Charles, Kai, Brandon then myself.

Yes I’m always the last. Not surprising is it?

So the week passes flies by and before you know it, a new week begins and it’s the same routine all over again.

No more time to go out and do the wu liao things!

I should be happy that i have relatively much lesser work to do than the rest. But i’m not! It’s like when you see everyone stressing away with their work, you feel so so bored!

Why so little work for me? For Age of Info I only have reading logs to do which is once every fortnight, for ICT I have this project(creating site) which I am 95% done and its not due till 4 weeks from now. Then for Principles of Marketing I’ve got group work which a group work. So it explains it all. :S

Its gone to the extend that i happily accepted the request to help Charles with his reading log!!

But after all this rant about how free I am, I think I’m actually contradicting myself.

In actual fact, there’s just not enough time to do other stuff besides uni related crap. When one’s busy, so is the rest.


p/s The last entry (especially the video) has striked lots of interesting comments and laughter. Glad it lighted your day, but please, don’t embarass the poor guy any further 😛 I didn’t mean it to be that way.


5 thoughts on “Chasing Time

  1. u soo free ah? hahaha

    perhaps u should start clean your room. wash all baths, prune the garden, clean the kitchen inside out, vacuum the floor etc? hehe

    or come kl help me wash my car!:P

  2. of cuz!

    my room so clean!my housemates can vouch for me! the baths got roster one…we rotate every week with all house chores. the garden? got gardener one… the kitchen i just cleaned on sunday. the floor likewise, everything rotates!

    go kl wash car?

    slow slow wait!!!!!

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