Eagle Dogs Pizza

I’m finally done with the powerpoint/slide for tomorrow’s oral presentation!!!



I don’t actually have THAT much to do. It’s a group thing. But yeah.

Shit happens when you have group work. And suddenly you’ve gotta do more than what you’re supposed to do. Ish! But if i don’t do it, then i’ll have to see the whole group go down the drain tomorrow… :S

Anyways, it was on Eagle Boys Pizza…and their marketing strategies and stuff. Advertisements…promotions…yada yada yada.

I’ve yet to try Eagle Boys but after doing this case study, i’m so sick of it already!!

So much pink!! (Their logo is pink…and it’s suppose to attract customers)

Kai went to take their 2 tiered box(their invention) and lots of flyers for show and tell tomorrow.

I was so bored and fed up with doing it that i decided to come up with my own advertisement!

*sniff sniff*

Smells good!

In the box i go…

Pizza-oh-pizza! I woof you!

And here i come…

To dig in!!

Eagle Dogs Boys Pizza. Absolutely woofilicious.

Kids will beg their parents to go get one. And of course their parents will give in because they themselves want some.

The perfect marketing strategy.


7 thoughts on “Eagle Dogs Pizza

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