Flowers On Your Grave

21 years since you’ve been born into this life and exactly 2 months since you’ve left us.

A strange sort of day today. I kept at work, but it all feels thin and unreal. I’ve tried to keep busy and i’ve mostly succeeded. But it isn’t to be getting away from my feelings. I just seem to need to be moving all the time…

Everyone’s trying to move on but truth is, it’s just not the same anymore.

I had a dream about you last night.

Everyone was in it. Just like the old days.

You were laughing. Teasing. It all seemed surreal yet reassuring. Like you were up above looking down at us. Watching over us.

The aching chasm in our hearts will never close.

Friends forever, they say.

Perhaps I shall dream of you again soon and that we may embrace there at least.