Someone’s 19

Another of my housemate turns 19 today.

Miss Maud’s French Chocolate cake

But since it’s a Wednesday, we decided to throw him a surprise birthday party last Saturday.

You know how it is to throw a surprise party. You gotta make sure it all turns out well and that no one leaks anything. But if you’re throwing one with about 20 people, it’s kinda hard.

Surprisingly, it went quite well.

So here’s how to throw a surprise birthday bash.

Kelvin came over in the morning (like how he sometimes do on weekends) and both he and the birthday boy went out.

We then had time to go get the cake, drinks, etc etc and hid them when we came back.

Eugene and Shenton asked him if he wanted to go to Northbridge that night (nothing unusual).

To eliminate any suspicion of any party of sorts…that is if he had any.

Andrew came over with a reason to give me back my thumbdrive (quite true la this one).

He won’t be suspicious as of why so many people start turning up.

Monkey 😆

And then from that point on, everything went sooooooo smoothly. 😎

The birthday boy fell into a deep deep deep sleep at about 6pm! He was so tired that he fell asleep watching others play pool.


Then people started arriving (friends from Canning..Canningians? :D), and since his room is right at the back, it wasn’t much of a problem.

We lighted the cake…then brought it to his room and woke him up.

Of course, what’s a birthday without getting creamed?

Spot the cream on his face 😈

He woke up, scrolled through his phone calendar…because he thought he slept through 2 days right till his birthday! ROFLMAO.

Blowing out the candles…

Little did he know, 9 of the candles were the magic relighting candles! Haha. Poor cake so melted and so wet in the end cuz he had to use water to distinguish them.

The video is kind of incomplete cuz it was too long and i had to rotate the video so you won’t have to tilt your neck and sprain it 😀

The party kinda resulted in too much drinks and too little food :S At about 2am a bunch of us went and had supper (nasi lemak & teh tarik). So the Malaysian!

Well, Happy Birthday Brandon!

No more sleeping in lectures!! 😀

Have a great year ahead and enjoy your last year being a teen 🙂 Ancient already!


13 thoughts on “Someone’s 19

  1. Aaaaahhhh I planned a double surprise for a same birthday boy 2 years ago…. it was so so so FUN !!!! In the end we got to throw that birthday guy into matilda bay.. and almost everyone else got thrown into the river except me.. coz I was holding the camera !! ehehehheheehe
    clever excuse eh?

  2. robin: lol!~~ sounds so fun! 😛 if i was there i would have pushed u in or no camera haha!

    charles: sorry forgot to put in ur thumby last night )=

  3. ok ppl… tips for the uncoming bdays

    Surprise Bday SHOWER + PERFUME recipe
    *guarantee unforgettable!

    1. source for unwanted pail NOW
    2. Buy 3 tray of eggs tomorrow
    3. Buy 2 carton of milk day after tomorrow
    4. On the bday day itself, mix 1.5 trays of eggs and milk.
    5. Add in your “what you see is what you put” marinade from the kitchen. e.g. Cooking Oil, Salt, Pepper, Soya Sauce, Chilli sauce, Ketchup, etc
    6. Stir well. Add more ice water if the mixture is too thick.
    7. Have fun splashing!! make sure u wear protective gear while mixing… this recipe may cause nausea. mix at your own risk.

    Taculm Powder (optional)
    1. Buy some cheap flour. Those near expiry at the reject counter works well.
    2. User the reserved 1.5 trays as “talcum bomb” *make sure you do not aim at the head… will cause concussion

    Best served during winter.

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! enjoy! hehee… yah… i got egged for my bday when i was in perth. so… this should be the tradition eh? 😛

  4. hahaha i agree wid d3vil! the bday person can’t get angry at u cuz it’s bday and he/she should be grateful. never a better excuse!

    or always the classic…push his head into the cake. but make sure no candles laa

  5. d3vil: i do NOT know you. hahahaha. i am in no way related to u lolssss! why u never say earlier. i can revive tradition for(on) u last year ma!!!

    so grosss :S

    bluey: lolss. meanie la u ppl. sighs. -_-“”

  6. yo… hint hint. it’s always done in PERTH… on your 1st year away from home (m’sia) kl dont count… u have to get egged at least once in ur lifetime…

    i had mine already so now its urs!! hahahahah

    so tataroo’s housey matey. do take note. hahahahahhahahahhahahhaha *evil laugh*

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