Winter Came Early

A few weeks ago when summer was coming to an end and signs of autumn was showing, there was a few odd days when the temperature shot up to 47 degrees.

 The standing fan was carried out to the kitchen, Brandon moved out to the pool room to sleep right in front of the standing fan, and i moved out to the living room to sleep for the very same reason.

And there was one night where Charles, Kai, Madeleine and I went out to the garden to sit because it was just too hot.

But now, when it’s just the start of autumn and not even close to winter yet, it’s so freezing cold!

Sometimes 10 degrees at night.

Well, remember the doona i bought not long ago?

Mine’s a single bed. But if you notice, it’s queen size.

All the better to do this

8 thoughts on “Winter Came Early

  1. oh ….

    didnt cross my mind to equate you with butterfly… more like the big big grizzly bear in U S of A


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