Indulging The Weekend Part 1

Another week has come and gone and in just 3 weeks, it’ll be the end of my first trimester. Then it’ll be a change of units, lecturers and tutors.

I had a very long Friday and Saturday this week.

After our presentation on Friday, it felt like a burden was lifted. It was our last presentation for our group, and to top things off, our lecturer let us off early – 11.30am. Then my coursemates (Alec, Jonathan, Oscar & Lootha) decided to go celebrate a little. Which is ironic because none of them were in my group and they still had their own presentation to do.

So 5 of us squeezed in Alec’s car and we headed off for lunch at this ‘Authentic Singaporean & Malaysian’ place. Food was quite good and authentic enough, but the company was the best.

Singapore Laksa

The stupid things we do and say. Then we started planning for the holidays. Caravaning, and stuff. Oh, Alec also happens to be the only local in my class and so we were teaching him Mandarin, Hokkien and to use chopsticks. Hehe..

Anyways, halfway through lunch Lionel called and asked to meet in the city with Andrew, Brandon and his UWA mates. So after lunch off i headed to the city.

Little did i know it was a long long day from there.

Note: The presentation kept me up the whole night before so i was practically zombie-ing around.

I reached the city and waited for them at Borders. Got myself the book ‘Marley & Me‘ about life and love with the world’s worse dog. 😀

Then after meeting the rest…we went to Easy Way for bubble tea.

So since I was in the city, I thought, why not start browsing for cameras? And so I called Robin out to go camera window shopping. Hehe.

I eventually had to be back earlier, but like I said, the day turned out even longer than I expected. He brought me to Harbour Town.

Harbour Town’s this place where there’s all those factory outlets stores and everythings really cheap. From Nike to Adidas, Converse to Just Jeans, you can find lots of good stuff there.

But I’m proud to say, I came back empty handed from there. It was hard, but i fought temptation. And i won (=

Then we grabbed dinner at Subway and I headed home after that.

I missed the train and had to wait half and hour for the next. By the time I got home, it was about 10pm.

I didn’t get anything at Harbour Town, but i didn’t come back empty handed from the city!

The book i got, Coke Zero, Coke & Diet Coke

The can looks really good doesn’t it? It was the reason i bought it anyway. Robin saw it first and he bought it to camwhore~ Tee Hee Hee.

But most importantly, I bought this.

Oink oink.

Nope it’s not a soft toy.

If you’re wondering what it is, here’s another picture.

One-sided slipper

This is how you use it…


No more cold feet! So comfy and so warm. Hehe…

Anyways, that’s Friday. Saturday at Freo will come in another post.

I can hear my 1.5k words essay (due tomorrow) calling me.


Déjà Vu

Remember my horrible experience with my group for marketing classes?

Well, it has happened. Again.

Exactly the same, but this time the case study is about budget airlines. I now know everything about Virgin Blue, Jetstar, AirAsia etc etc -_-”

I’ve just finished wrapping up the whole thing and it’s 4am. Paul stayed up with me and helped while strategizing plans on ‘how to kill some people’. Lol. Thank goodness for communication technologies these days…

Anyways. Today’s been a pretty eventful day.

No school for me, but i left the house at 7.30am.

To Garden City.

Shopping centers don’t open till about 10am. So why on earth did i leave so early?

To go to this place…

Hehe…it’s actually a specialist center.

And no. This wasn’t the place for my ingrown toe nail.

I went to accompany John for surgery.

He had to cut out this cyst-like thing in his lips.

OMFG. I tell you. We were both freaking out.

He was thinking of worse case scenarios.

If you follow me in, you freak out and scream then the doctor cut wrongly!

What if the anaesthetic wears off before the surgery is over??

What if the anaesthetic don’t wear off?

What if i cannot open and close my mouth anymore??

What if? What if?

I was so nervous for him and i had to try to hide it so he won’t be that nervous. LOL.

Then just when he was about to go in…I blurted out… know right. I bring bad luck you know? If i follow people to surgeries something bad will always happen.

The look on his face. CLASSIC.

Then we began crapping like if something horrible happens, i should call his parents first. Sighs…. tee hee hee. And his last words for me…? Have fun in uni.


Anyways, the whole procedure went smoothly. I was freaking out outside while waiting for him that i flipped through about 10 magazines.

But yeah…it was over and we were laughing over how stupid we were. 😀

Then we went shopping at Garden City. Got a new Billabong wallet, and started to shop for winter. Bought a thick jacket(also from Billabong) and went hunting for furry bedroom slippers 😀

Tried Boost which John recommended (so-very-the-filling drink which lasted the whole day!). Oh he couldn’t eat anything because it hurt. So poor thing right? Haha. Then we walked around somemore and saw…

Furry bunny friends!

Another furry friend in lalaland…

All waiting for me to bring them home

A very déjà Vu day of the last time i went out with him to the city. Which i never blogged about…but will do so now (=


Was my first trip to Perth City i think…

And he brought me to try Korean food. It’s a small little shop tucked away in a corner but the busines…!!! Every table was full and you can smell the sizzling meat from like a mile away.

And so i had my first bowl of…

Bibimbap! (literally meaning mixed meal)

Have always seen it in Korean dramas and series and always wanted to try it.

Gochujang(chile pepper paste) and soup

Then you pour the paste into the bowl…mix everything…

And dig in!!


Oh…he also brought me to the famous Utopia. Famous for it’s bubble tea and sorts.

Mango with jelly

Yeaps. Reliving those Lodge times. That was when he sat in front of me in Form 5.


 p/s Have you watched American Idol Gives Back? *sobs*

One Whopper Please, Minus Pickles, Heavy Mayo

If you noticed, alongside with Uni Crap, i’ve added another category…Work Crap.

Haven’t been updating as regularly lately. Haven’t been doing much except working, sleeping, eating and watching series (=

Just came back from my first 8 hour shift. 5.30pm till cleaning up time which is approximately 1.30am.

I’m so so so so so tired.

So far work’s been pretty fun. Terrific colleagues, and really nice manager(s).

And they say i’m a fast learner and excellent worker! 😀

But i think i’m going a little insane. I smell beef patties everywhere. Hehe. Even my apricot shower scrub smells like meat to me now :S

Oh, every shift has been eventful too. Today, 2 abos came in totally stoned and started quarelling hehe. One of them had paint and was sniffing it. Then the paint got spilt and guess what?

We had to painfully scrape it off the floor. Lol. It was red paint, and everyone came in asking… “Is that blood mate?”

I did front counter today for the first time and thankfully nothing went wrong.

You take orders, handle cash, repeat orders, and serve them.

So if they wait too long, you’ll get blamed. If you hand out the wrong change, you’ll get blamed. If you hand out the wrong meals, you get blamed too. But everything went welllll 😀

Oh, then there’s those that want extra that, minus this, heavy that, minus this. ARGHHHHHHH.

Next time, just order it as it is, and take out those pickles or whatever it is yourself. Hehe…

Then towards the end of my shift i got to handle the drive thru as well. Gets kinda confusing because you gotta serve both front counter and the drive thru at the same time. You basically got this mic thingy hanging on to you and when the sensor beeps you say…

“Welcome to Hungry Jacks Bullcreek. How can i help you?”

Then you repeat the orders and everything…which is by the way very hard to hear some of them speak…

“Thank you. It’s $10. Please drive thru when you’re ready”

Then you gotta say 2 phrases when you’re done. Like… “Enjoy your meal and have a nice day” or “Have a nice day and drive safely” Whatever it is it’s gotta be 2 phrases.

So the mafan.

Oh wells. I have a breakfast shift later at 9am. It’s a whole new experience because the breakkie menu is different.

Wish me luck! (=

To Freo for Nemo

Charles and I headed down to Fremantle last Sunday to get some stuff.

At 8:30am


It was cool and breezy day…in fact it poured the whole day after that.

Dome @ Fremantle

This Dome was there 10 years ago…during my sister’s time (you ancient dino!). My dad, sis and I would go to Timezone just opposite and play “hit the crocs” while my mum would sit at Dome sipping Cappuccino waiting for us. Brings back memories… 😀

One thing you’ll definitely see in Freo…


Lots of them.

Coincidentally, the day we went was also the Fremantle Boating Festival.

Fremantle Boating Festival

More boats

Even more boats

None of which sparked my interest.

Then off we were to Cicerello’s to eat Nemo for brunch.

Fishy fishes

A vast change compared to 10 years ago, the little shop has now expanded and they have like metres and metres of aquariums with over 50 species of marine life, all caught in Freo waters.

Blue Starfish

White Sea Anemone

Fiddler Ray

I’d prefer it to be grilled with belachan… 😀

Charles’ Deep Fried Garfield Garfish with Chips

My serve of squids

If you’re there with a friend, I suggest only one of you order with a side of chips. They definitely don’t stinge on chips!  

Then we walked around…trying very hard not to get lost (ahem ahem).

Eventful day.

But eventually we got soaked in the rain on the way back and i was down with a fever after that )=

Oh yes. One more thing.

When you’re there, always remember to keep your food to yourself and never ever feed the gulls.


Because they’ll Shit On You

Flippin’ Patties

Easter break came and went just like that. Next week’s back to uni, but holiday or no holiday, feels pretty much the same.

Been spending the break pigging out at home watching Las Vegas…finished all 4 seasons!! 😀

Anyways, as you know I’ve got lots of free time, I decided to go hunt for a job. Most jobs here pay good money. Maybe about AUD15 per hour, and if you’re lucky, AUD25 per hour…depending on your job though.

So i applied at a few random places and i got all of them 😀

But eventually I chose working at….

Hungry Jacks!

So far everything’s been great. Hehe. Interview, orientation, first day. I hope it stays that way! 😀

M.S.U. Rivercruise

Backdated post

A couple of us (Andrew, Brandon, Eugene, Kelvin & I) went to the Malaysian Student Union Rivercruise last Thursday night. Met up with Fabian and John there. And of course Gerald.

From where we were…

Didn’t intend to go at first but since Gerald was selling the tickets, I thought…why not?

We were supposed to be there at around 6 – 6.30pm. But like a true Malaysian, we were late. I think we only left the house at 6.30pm? Hehe. (Hint hint. All guys. Guys take longer than girls. Agree? :D)

They need to make sure that they look like this…tsk tsk

IMHO, the cruise was just okay. Thank God for John. At least there was good company. Andrew had fun though. Didn’t you? 😛 And some people was sleeping the whole way through. 😯

It lasted from 7pm-11pm.

And the feeling was like..

Being stranded.

You can’t get off even if you wanted too. Unless you swim lah. It was soooo cold, and all we did was drink Corona, Smirnoff(on an empty stomache) and chatted the night away.

Something you can do anywhere. The scenery wasn’t even that great to begin with.

Then after that we went home, changed out of formal attires and went to Fast Eddy’s where i had my bottomless Cappuccino but only managed to down 2 cups.

Didn’t take any pics that night, so gonna rob it off Charles. (= All photos courtesy of Charles during his previous trip there.

Glutton’s Special (AUD16.95) for a true glutton

Cop-the-lot Burger (AUD16.95) for no less than a glutton too

The menu proudly hanging in Charles’ room

One of the very few places in Perth you can head to during the ungodly hours of the night.

Well, it wasn’t such a bad night after all. Good company’s the key to any outing. (=

Oh. One more thing.

Go read about Kelvin’s most heroic day of his life (post entitled My Way or the Highway) and be proud of him. Lol.

Chicks Dig Me

I was at Southlands a few days back and there were Easter promotions everywhere.

And then i spotted Old McDonald’s Farm (=

So adorable can?

Somemore they let you pet them…:D

Anyways…Happy Easter bloggers and blogders!