Reading Logs

In Murdoch, all first years are required to take a foundation unit. There’s a few to choose from, but most people take one called Age of Information.

And I happen to be most people. Along with all my housemates.

It’s not that bad, really. Just a lot of reading to do and all kind of very dull. 

And in this unit, there’s this assignment called Reading Logs which has to be handed in every fortnight. 

I used to like it. Seriously. Everyone else hated it.

It’s basically lots of heavy reading(very deep English) on crap. All crap. Then after you read, you gotta do referencing, find the thesis, main themes, and give your comments on it. And the comments has to be really critic, not just “I think this is a well written article” or “I agree with the author”. 😆

There was even once where i offered Charles to do his. Yeah. That was how much i liked it.

And when our tutor returned our first Reading Log, i had a HD. High Distinction 😀 Somemore got praised in class. Lol!

You know when you first excel in something, you’ll like it?

I thought so too. Until tonight.

I have one to hand in tomorrow morning, and my Reading Log for this week is 10 pages long…with words like ants. And i feel like i have high expectations and need to do well for the rest. But you know what? All these Reading Logs are worth 5% only! *sighs*

“Third world countries and conflicting ideologies of the information age.”

Wow! So interesting! -_-”

It’s 4.30am now and i’ve just finished it.

If you were chatting with me earlier, this was the reason why i was so frantically high. Lol.

I just couldn’t concentrate. I opened my Microsoft Word, and it was left untouched for 3 hours.

I now officially dislike.hate.loathe. Reading Logs.

Three more Reading Logs to go till this unit is over! 


4 thoughts on “Reading Logs

  1. haha..yalo. it accompanied me to kl, then this time here. if very bored or stressed just see it nod. haha. then go gila.

    when la u coming over???? joey misses his big bro!! and i need an old kaki 😀

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