M.S.U. Rivercruise

Backdated post

A couple of us (Andrew, Brandon, Eugene, Kelvin & I) went to the Malaysian Student Union Rivercruise last Thursday night. Met up with Fabian and John there. And of course Gerald.

From where we were…

Didn’t intend to go at first but since Gerald was selling the tickets, I thought…why not?

We were supposed to be there at around 6 – 6.30pm. But like a true Malaysian, we were late. I think we only left the house at 6.30pm? Hehe. (Hint hint. All guys. Guys take longer than girls. Agree? :D)

They need to make sure that they look like this…tsk tsk

IMHO, the cruise was just okay. Thank God for John. At least there was good company. Andrew had fun though. Didn’t you? 😛 And some people was sleeping the whole way through. 😯

It lasted from 7pm-11pm.

And the feeling was like..

Being stranded.

You can’t get off even if you wanted too. Unless you swim lah. It was soooo cold, and all we did was drink Corona, Smirnoff(on an empty stomache) and chatted the night away.

Something you can do anywhere. The scenery wasn’t even that great to begin with.

Then after that we went home, changed out of formal attires and went to Fast Eddy’s where i had my bottomless Cappuccino but only managed to down 2 cups.

Didn’t take any pics that night, so gonna rob it off Charles. (= All photos courtesy of Charles during his previous trip there.

Glutton’s Special (AUD16.95) for a true glutton

Cop-the-lot Burger (AUD16.95) for no less than a glutton too

The menu proudly hanging in Charles’ room

One of the very few places in Perth you can head to during the ungodly hours of the night.

Well, it wasn’t such a bad night after all. Good company’s the key to any outing. (=

Oh. One more thing.

Go read about Kelvin’s most heroic day of his life (post entitled My Way or the Highway) and be proud of him. Lol.


7 thoughts on “M.S.U. Rivercruise

  1. Oh my…
    why river cruise at night??? I went for the afternoon one, was much better, so many things to see along the river.
    And it was during my first river cruise that I saw dolphins in the river for the first time !

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