To Freo for Nemo

Charles and I headed down to Fremantle last Sunday to get some stuff.

At 8:30am


It was cool and breezy day…in fact it poured the whole day after that.

Dome @ Fremantle

This Dome was there 10 years ago…during my sister’s time (you ancient dino!). My dad, sis and I would go to Timezone just opposite and play “hit the crocs” while my mum would sit at Dome sipping Cappuccino waiting for us. Brings back memories… 😀

One thing you’ll definitely see in Freo…


Lots of them.

Coincidentally, the day we went was also the Fremantle Boating Festival.

Fremantle Boating Festival

More boats

Even more boats

None of which sparked my interest.

Then off we were to Cicerello’s to eat Nemo for brunch.

Fishy fishes

A vast change compared to 10 years ago, the little shop has now expanded and they have like metres and metres of aquariums with over 50 species of marine life, all caught in Freo waters.

Blue Starfish

White Sea Anemone

Fiddler Ray

I’d prefer it to be grilled with belachan… 😀

Charles’ Deep Fried Garfield Garfish with Chips

My serve of squids

If you’re there with a friend, I suggest only one of you order with a side of chips. They definitely don’t stinge on chips!  

Then we walked around…trying very hard not to get lost (ahem ahem).

Eventful day.

But eventually we got soaked in the rain on the way back and i was down with a fever after that )=

Oh yes. One more thing.

When you’re there, always remember to keep your food to yourself and never ever feed the gulls.


Because they’ll Shit On You


13 thoughts on “To Freo for Nemo

  1. d3vil: YOU! muahahahaha. she got meh? oh..we changed for lotsa wu liao stuff. remember that small bear house thingy? its still at home..haha

    robin: yea! they all looked the same…though i dun mind having 1 😀 err my bad, it was last last week lol

  2. charlez: hahahaha!!

    “you remember this road ah!”
    “no! you remember oh!”
    “eh..which way ah?”


    d3vil: not that bad la k!! hahahahaha

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