One Whopper Please, Minus Pickles, Heavy Mayo

If you noticed, alongside with Uni Crap, i’ve added another category…Work Crap.

Haven’t been updating as regularly lately. Haven’t been doing much except working, sleeping, eating and watching series (=

Just came back from my first 8 hour shift. 5.30pm till cleaning up time which is approximately 1.30am.

I’m so so so so so tired.

So far work’s been pretty fun. Terrific colleagues, and really nice manager(s).

And they say i’m a fast learner and excellent worker! 😀

But i think i’m going a little insane. I smell beef patties everywhere. Hehe. Even my apricot shower scrub smells like meat to me now :S

Oh, every shift has been eventful too. Today, 2 abos came in totally stoned and started quarelling hehe. One of them had paint and was sniffing it. Then the paint got spilt and guess what?

We had to painfully scrape it off the floor. Lol. It was red paint, and everyone came in asking… “Is that blood mate?”

I did front counter today for the first time and thankfully nothing went wrong.

You take orders, handle cash, repeat orders, and serve them.

So if they wait too long, you’ll get blamed. If you hand out the wrong change, you’ll get blamed. If you hand out the wrong meals, you get blamed too. But everything went welllll 😀

Oh, then there’s those that want extra that, minus this, heavy that, minus this. ARGHHHHHHH.

Next time, just order it as it is, and take out those pickles or whatever it is yourself. Hehe…

Then towards the end of my shift i got to handle the drive thru as well. Gets kinda confusing because you gotta serve both front counter and the drive thru at the same time. You basically got this mic thingy hanging on to you and when the sensor beeps you say…

“Welcome to Hungry Jacks Bullcreek. How can i help you?”

Then you repeat the orders and everything…which is by the way very hard to hear some of them speak…

“Thank you. It’s $10. Please drive thru when you’re ready”

Then you gotta say 2 phrases when you’re done. Like… “Enjoy your meal and have a nice day” or “Have a nice day and drive safely” Whatever it is it’s gotta be 2 phrases.

So the mafan.

Oh wells. I have a breakfast shift later at 9am. It’s a whole new experience because the breakkie menu is different.

Wish me luck! (=


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