Déjà Vu

Remember my horrible experience with my group for marketing classes?

Well, it has happened. Again.

Exactly the same, but this time the case study is about budget airlines. I now know everything about Virgin Blue, Jetstar, AirAsia etc etc -_-”

I’ve just finished wrapping up the whole thing and it’s 4am. Paul stayed up with me and helped while strategizing plans on ‘how to kill some people’. Lol. Thank goodness for communication technologies these days…

Anyways. Today’s been a pretty eventful day.

No school for me, but i left the house at 7.30am.

To Garden City.

Shopping centers don’t open till about 10am. So why on earth did i leave so early?

To go to this place…

Hehe…it’s actually a specialist center.

And no. This wasn’t the place for my ingrown toe nail.

I went to accompany John for surgery.

He had to cut out this cyst-like thing in his lips.

OMFG. I tell you. We were both freaking out.

He was thinking of worse case scenarios.

If you follow me in, you freak out and scream then the doctor cut wrongly!

What if the anaesthetic wears off before the surgery is over??

What if the anaesthetic don’t wear off?

What if i cannot open and close my mouth anymore??

What if? What if?

I was so nervous for him and i had to try to hide it so he won’t be that nervous. LOL.

Then just when he was about to go in…I blurted out…

Eh..you know right. I bring bad luck you know? If i follow people to surgeries something bad will always happen.

The look on his face. CLASSIC.

Then we began crapping like if something horrible happens, i should call his parents first. Sighs…. tee hee hee. And his last words for me…? Have fun in uni.


Anyways, the whole procedure went smoothly. I was freaking out outside while waiting for him that i flipped through about 10 magazines.

But yeah…it was over and we were laughing over how stupid we were. 😀

Then we went shopping at Garden City. Got a new Billabong wallet, and started to shop for winter. Bought a thick jacket(also from Billabong) and went hunting for furry bedroom slippers 😀

Tried Boost which John recommended (so-very-the-filling drink which lasted the whole day!). Oh he couldn’t eat anything because it hurt. So poor thing right? Haha. Then we walked around somemore and saw…

Furry bunny friends!

Another furry friend in lalaland…

All waiting for me to bring them home

A very déjà Vu day of the last time i went out with him to the city. Which i never blogged about…but will do so now (=


Was my first trip to Perth City i think…

And he brought me to try Korean food. It’s a small little shop tucked away in a corner but the busines…!!! Every table was full and you can smell the sizzling meat from like a mile away.

And so i had my first bowl of…

Bibimbap! (literally meaning mixed meal)

Have always seen it in Korean dramas and series and always wanted to try it.

Gochujang(chile pepper paste) and soup

Then you pour the paste into the bowl…mix everything…

And dig in!!


Oh…he also brought me to the famous Utopia. Famous for it’s bubble tea and sorts.

Mango with jelly

Yeaps. Reliving those Lodge times. That was when he sat in front of me in Form 5.


 p/s Have you watched American Idol Gives Back? *sobs*


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