Indulging The Weekend Part 1

Another week has come and gone and in just 3 weeks, it’ll be the end of my first trimester. Then it’ll be a change of units, lecturers and tutors.

I had a very long Friday and Saturday this week.

After our presentation on Friday, it felt like a burden was lifted. It was our last presentation for our group, and to top things off, our lecturer let us off early – 11.30am. Then my coursemates (Alec, Jonathan, Oscar & Lootha) decided to go celebrate a little. Which is ironic because none of them were in my group and they still had their own presentation to do.

So 5 of us squeezed in Alec’s car and we headed off for lunch at this ‘Authentic Singaporean & Malaysian’ place. Food was quite good and authentic enough, but the company was the best.

Singapore Laksa

The stupid things we do and say. Then we started planning for the holidays. Caravaning, and stuff. Oh, Alec also happens to be the only local in my class and so we were teaching him Mandarin, Hokkien and to use chopsticks. Hehe..

Anyways, halfway through lunch Lionel called and asked to meet in the city with Andrew, Brandon and his UWA mates. So after lunch off i headed to the city.

Little did i know it was a long long day from there.

Note: The presentation kept me up the whole night before so i was practically zombie-ing around.

I reached the city and waited for them at Borders. Got myself the book ‘Marley & Me‘ about life and love with the world’s worse dog. 😀

Then after meeting the rest…we went to Easy Way for bubble tea.

So since I was in the city, I thought, why not start browsing for cameras? And so I called Robin out to go camera window shopping. Hehe.

I eventually had to be back earlier, but like I said, the day turned out even longer than I expected. He brought me to Harbour Town.

Harbour Town’s this place where there’s all those factory outlets stores and everythings really cheap. From Nike to Adidas, Converse to Just Jeans, you can find lots of good stuff there.

But I’m proud to say, I came back empty handed from there. It was hard, but i fought temptation. And i won (=

Then we grabbed dinner at Subway and I headed home after that.

I missed the train and had to wait half and hour for the next. By the time I got home, it was about 10pm.

I didn’t get anything at Harbour Town, but i didn’t come back empty handed from the city!

The book i got, Coke Zero, Coke & Diet Coke

The can looks really good doesn’t it? It was the reason i bought it anyway. Robin saw it first and he bought it to camwhore~ Tee Hee Hee.

But most importantly, I bought this.

Oink oink.

Nope it’s not a soft toy.

If you’re wondering what it is, here’s another picture.

One-sided slipper

This is how you use it…


No more cold feet! So comfy and so warm. Hehe…

Anyways, that’s Friday. Saturday at Freo will come in another post.

I can hear my 1.5k words essay (due tomorrow) calling me.


5 thoughts on “Indulging The Weekend Part 1

  1. aaaahhh… that slipper actually looks very photogenic !!!! ahahahaha…

    So have u decided which camera to buy?? or still thinking?

    and btw, the laksa doesnt look like laksa at all !!!!

  2. ah, ya better wrap ya no nail toe before ya put ya tootsies in there. else they’ll all sick to da fur in there n then ya’ll have a hard time taking your tootsies out mate

  3. robin: haha really?? lol~

    hrmmm still thinking la :S ai ai aii.

    my singaporean classmate says it looks and tastes like singapore laksa..haha. guess its diff than ours 😀

    epicureanjourney: u oz girl sot cho dy. hahaha. its okay dy laa. 😀

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