Miss Universe 2007

Riyo Mori of Japan, Miss Universe 2007

Oooo…sushi šŸ˜€

When the 77 womenĀ took the stage in their national costumes…I was giggling at Miss Malaysia. I had the mental image of her wearing those orang ulu costumes…

Warrior of Sarawak!

Adeline Chin, Miss Malaysia

Well, at least she didn’t have to put on a whole freaking coral reef including dolphins :S

Massil Taveras, Miss Dominican Republic

Rachel Smith, Miss USA – plop!

And poor Miss USA whoĀ got so shaken and stirred when she fell šŸ˜”Ā Ā It didn’t help when she got boo-ed so much by the crowd during the interview competition…awwwww

Oh..and Ando from Heroes as one of the judges? *dies laughing*

And when he got chosen by Miss Korea to ask that 1 final question…it was so like him to ask “If you could have one superpower, what is it and why?”



Being A Musician

It’s 4am in the morning and here I am awake, albeit feeling heavy headed.

It’s not the caffeine…it’s not the rain…i don’t know what it is.

On that note, I’m so series-deprived. Heroes, Prison Break, One Tree Hill, Las Vegas &Ā Grey’sĀ is on season break(did i miss out anything?) and Gilmore Girls and American Idol has ended. Very depressingly too! How can Rory not marry Logan and just leave like that? How can Blake not win? šŸ˜”

Jordin Sparks – This Is My Now

Blake Lewis – This Is My Now

I agree that Jordin’s version is better..but nothing beats the original version by the songwriters themselves. Jordin gets…boring after a while. I mean, watch Blake’s version of Bon Jovi’s song! Soooo cool. ^^

Blake Lewis- You Give Love A Bad Name


I’ve been catching up on blogs which (sad to say) I’ve neglected a bit the past few days.

Everyone seems to be so stressed. Student or not. Exams, jobs, relationships šŸ˜”

But that’s not the point of my entry.

I came to a conclusion today…that…among all the careers there is…

Being a musician is the hardest.

I know all you engineers/doctors/lawyers etc etc will kill me for this.

Okay. Perhaps I’ll rephrase that.

Becoming a musician is the hardest.

Bias-ness aside, let me make my point before you doctors surgically cut me into pieces, you chemical engineers poison me, you lawyers try to put me behind bars and you accountants try make me broke.

I’m no musician.

At least not anymore.

But you see, studying medicine, law, commerce, even mass com…we have texts to study from.

If you don’t study, you fail.

As simple as that.

It’s all “text book”.

You can’t argue that 2 + 2 = 5.

Nor can you say that Ethanoic acid + ethanol does not equal to ethyl ethanoate and water.

But it’s different for a musician.

You play a song, and everyone has their individual opinions on it.

Your teacher tells you to go loud this part, but when you go for exams, the examiner tells you it should be soft.

Take a song for example. I might like one particular song, and you might hate it.

And sad to say, musicians don’t last long.

You get a numb finger, break a finger, lose your voice, go a little deaf…it’s all gone.

Or if you’re feeling nervous, cold, and sick right before an audition or exam…it’s all gone too.

And you can’t deny the fact thatĀ some peopleĀ thinks that “Those who study music is those who can’t study one”.

I’ve evenĀ heard someĀ people say “Study music? Aiya…so easy what. What for need to study?”

Well, studying music = studying to please everyone.

To become a successful musician(performer/writer etc etc) you need a large audience.

You need to write music which everyone will love.

You need to play music which everyone will love.

You need to conduct music which everyone will love.


Practicing, rehearsing and performing becomes central to your life regardless your area of emphasis. Then there’s theory, analysis and history of music, training your ear to listen and reproduce music in absurdly complex ways, learning repertoires from various periods and styles and thats only the foundation!

And those who say “Musicians don’t have real jobs”. Total BS!

Do you not see the amount of time, hours, energy and money put behind a concert you attend?

You sit there, watch a concert, and you don’t see the behind-the-scenes part.

You think musicians walk on stage and are able to do what they do?

Be it a pop concert, ensemble, band at your favorite pub…

You see him struggling to find the perfect name to tie a self-composed piece up, you see her trying to pull it together to ace in the finest conservatories in Sydney…just to name a few.

So next time you wanna blah out something about musicians, stop and think for a moment.

Musicians don’t ask you to worship them.

But they deserve the respect that you would give yourself.

For what it’s worth, give it to them.

Heroes Novels

For all you Heroes fans out there, click here.

I swear it’s not another momok site. (=

Heroes may be on a season break now…so while waiting for the second season volume II, go read all the comics!

I quote and unquote…

“NBC Exclusive! Pick up where the show leaves off by delving deeper into the Heroes universe with original graphic novels created by the world’s foremost graphic artists!”

What Difference?

Remember when we were younger, we used to play those “spot the differences” games?

In colouring books, or newspapers, we would squint and try to circle those 10 differences.

I used to be quite good at them *ahem*… one morning Brandon asked me to spot the differencesĀ here.

ButĀ I can’t.

Can you??

First one wins something from me.


Stop Spamming!

I won’t be around too often these days.

Finals starting tomorrow right till the end of the month )=

On the brighter side, it’s 3 papers in 2 weeks.

One just like English but more common sense, one 90 objective questions on Principles of Marketing, and another about the Internet and computers… Not too bad ey?


You know SPAM?

No, not the luncheon. Like…”Quit spamming!”

This was how the word originated from…SPAM SKIT. Listen to the real audio thingy… šŸ˜€

The only thing i learned tonight for the finals…for 2 subjects. Haha!


This comes a little early but i wanted to get it posted incase shit happens and i don’t have the time to.

Mother’s Day’s hiding around the corner.

I know some families don’t celebrate it. Heck, some don’t even know their parents/sibling’s birth date.

Anyways, I grew up in a family where we do. Simple, but yes.

A dinner, presents and perhaps a card.

Being many many miles away this year, I sent a parcel home. But sad to say, it was a little dented when she got it )= Oh wells…it’s the thought that counts ey?

Well..this goes out to mummy dearest many mountains and seas away. And to all mothers across the world.

Il Divo – Mama

Mama thank you for who I am
Thank you for all the things I’m not
Forgive me for the words unsaid
And for the times
I forgot
Mama remember all my life
You showed me love, you sacrificed
Think of those young and early days
How I’ve changed
Along the way (along the way)
And I know you believed
And I know you had dreams
And I’m sorry it took all this time to see
That I am where I am because of your truth
And I miss you, I miss you
Mama forgive the times you cried
Forgive me for not making right
All of the storms I may have caused
And I’ve been wrong
Dry your eyes (dry your eyes)
Bridge : Cause I know you ….
Mama I hope this makes you smile
I hope you’re happy with my life
At peace with every choice I made
How I’ve changed
Along the way (along the way)
Cause I know you believed in all of my dreams
And I owe it all to you, mama

Happy Mother’s Day!