Indulging The Weekend Part 2

Okieee continuation!

Last Saturday I was at Garden City with Jon and then later on at Freo with John.

Yeps, one with a ‘h’ and one without.

There’s nothing much you can do in Freo actually..except eat and shop. So that was what we did.

For some reason that day, all the pictures taken with my phone came out EXTRA blur. Sighs. So not much photos to put up la.

At Roasted Coffee Bar

For a Hot Chocolate

After meeting John we decided to grab lunch and headed to Kailis. Apparently some people say it’s better than Cicerello’s. But the place didn’t seem to attract us that much so off we headed to Cicerello’s instead (just next to it).


Cakes at Cicerello’s

Had fish and a Bailey’s Cheesecake to share. Absolutely yum yum.

Fudges from Candy Cow

Bought Rich Double Chocolate(John wolfed this one down that day), Lemon Cheesecake, Coffee Cream, Chocolate Mint and Cappuccino nougat.

Then to sum the whole day up…we had a…


Hehe..okay. I hastily put this entry together. It’s nearly 4am and i can’t open my eyes anymore.



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