Mid-Air Crisis


Yup!! I’m on holidays now while majority of you are cramming for exams. MUAHAHAA.

 The flight was the suckiest flight I’ve been on. Thanks to this Vietnamese lady. SHIT!

But thanks to SIA, the flight was shorter than expected, touched down half an hour before ETA.

You see, I specifically reserved for an aisle seat 48 hours before my flight. I’m claustrophobic and i can’t take window seats. But when i boarded the plane, i found that lady at MY SEAT.

I said, “32C ey?” Then she stared blankly at me and smiled.

Oh right. She doesn’t speak English. Then the stewardess motioned her to move and she did.

Then, throughout the flight, I NEARLY DIED.

She took off her shoes, and put her feet high up. @#$%^

Then, she kept elbowing me. OMFG. It’s like having an old lady molest touch you on the ribs for 5 hours.

Picture those ah ma at the market selling vegetables but with ridiculously thick eye liner.

If that wasn’t enough, she had a mid-air crisis and started panicking.

You see, she was on a connecting flight to Saigon after Singapore. But obviously on the next flight there’s no gate number right? She panicked and no one could understand her and vice versa.

It was horrendous i tell you. The SIA people were a great sport trying to help her and trying to find someone who could speak Vietnamese but to everyone’s dismay, the whole plane was majority Ang Mohs.

Then this Indian lady sitting next to the crazy ah ma abandoned her seat and moved. Terrified i think. The stewardess came and asked if i wanted to change seats too but i told her no. HAHA.

Imagine if you were the one panicking and everyone around you abandons you, you’ll feel worse ey?


So anyways, the SIA people told her to just stay on board and let everyone disembark first and they will help her.


She left first and they couldn’t find her after.

So whether or not that lady is on her way back to Saigon, I don’t know.

She could be on the way to Tim Bak Tu for that matter.

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