To Ze Beach!

Blue blue skies – Sematan

What’s a holiday without the beach?

And what’s visiting the beach if not for fresh freshhhhhhhhhh seafood?

Live Flower Crabs

Funny looking thing

More of the funny looking thing

Anyone knows what that’s called? It’s so odd looking, cute but fugly at the same time. Apparently you can’t eat the whole thing…you just cut the sides and dig the eggs out. 😡

Edit: It’s called Horseshoe Crab. Thanks Hamtaroo & Bawee (=

Live mud crabs

Stingray lovebirds…you die i die! We die together-gether!


And of course the AFTER pictures…the fate of those creatures…


Oh, before i forget…

Open air sio bee

I forgot which one of my housemate likes it so much? But anyway…not to tempt just to remind you what it looks like. 😀

Peace! (=


9 thoughts on “To Ze Beach!

  1. for blue skies!!` hah ur peace crab so comel 😀 i eat dat horseshoe b4 la. crunchy crunchy lik the sushi salmon roe…choleestrol tinggi gilak le 😀

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