Incase you didn’t already know about iGoogle, this post is for you.

Perhaps you’ve never noticed the word ‘iGoogle’ near the top left hand corner of your Google homepage (=

 You can now customise your google page with lots of wu liao stuff. A great thing to do when you’re extremely bored.

Compare the Classic Google…

To my iGoogle…

I’ve set my weather forecast to Perth’s so i don’t have to keep checking the weather forecast on other sites anymore.

Then I’ve also added the Gmail tab so i don’t have to keep opening Gmail anymore.

Also, the banner theme on top changes mood with the sunset/sunrise in Perth. As you can see, it’s dark now because it’s night time in Perth.

Then there’s more tabs to add depending on your preference. No more boring old white google page (=

Damn the cool ey?

On a side note, Kuching has recently been struck with a Bonsai theft scandal of some sort. So those of you with Bonsais at home…keep an eye on them aye?

This is another community message brought to you by EverydayRojak ;p


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