Something Fishy

Fish makes a healthy entree. Yes? Omega-3, iron yada yada yada.

How many of you loves eating fishy fish? Deep fried, pan fried, steamed, grilled…

Well, in Australia you get mostly fish fillets. Nicely deboned and skinned. But in Asia?

You get the whole fish.

And blardy Asians eat the whole fish.

And when i say whole, i mean whole.

Like let’s say…

Fish eyes

I’m watching you…

The elder generation believe that eating fish’s eyes will err..improve your eyesight -_-”

So how do you eat it?

Pop the whole eyeball into your mouth, eat all those gelatin-like thingy around the eyes and spit out the white part of the eyeball plus the cornea.


Fish flotation bladder/stomach

My stomach in your stomach

Yup. Again, the elder generation believes it to be nutritious and some sort of delicacy. Most of you would have eaten this before in it’s dry form aka hu pio in Hokkien.

Fear factor anyone?


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