Earning Cash From Blogging?

Today’s the unofficial International Weblogger’s Day. So Happy Blogger’s Day to you all. Every blogger should have a day off today 😀 The theme for this year is solidarity but instead of blogging about solidarity, I shall just blog about….blogging instead. hehe.

The battle for Asian blog advertising. 

With all this hype about blog ads and earning what Ben calls ‘moolah’ *kaching $$$$* from blogging, i’ve decided to post my take about it.

There’s this ongoing debate on whether Timothy & Ming Shen’s Nuffnang or Josh’s Advertlets is better.

Nuffnang, Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community

Advertlets, Asia’s Better Blog Advertising Network

So with one claiming to be the first and the other to be better, which of their banners would you put up on your blog?

Both has got their shares on providing for their bloggers. For us poor East side bloggers(often neglected), Advertlets chose some privilege bloggers for the Digi Fu-yoh Streetblast. Nuffnang on the other hand has held the screening of Pirates of the Carribean 3 in KL and there’s another blogger’s meeting at Penang for a 100 Nuffnangers.

Community event wise, Nuffnang wins.

But the whole point of putting up these banners is to earn cash isn’t it?

Some say “I put both, but so far I’ve only earned from Advertlets” or vice versa.

My take is, no matter what/whose ads you put up, it doesn’t make much difference.

What matters is YOUR BLOGDERS.

If you’ve got lots of readers AND they’re actually KIND enough to click on your ads, good for you. But if you don’t, no matter what ad you put up, cash won’t come rolling in and you won’t see the big fat cheque.

Not the CPC(cost per click) or the click through rates…

So many of you asked me why I haven’t put up any of the banners. I’ve signed up a long time ago to see how it both works but don’t intend to campaign the ads. Besides, WordPress doesn’t allow advertisements. However, if I do get my own domain and host, I just might.

So at the end of the day, which will you go for?

Or are you kiasu and you’ll put all 3?

Nuffnang at the top, Advertlets on the left and Google Adsense on the right?



8 thoughts on “Earning Cash From Blogging?

  1. I have blogged bout this matter not too long ago about blogging and advertising, either on normal ads or the whole entry being the ad itself.
    I would still say it depends on what you want to do with your blog. If your purpose io blogging is to earn cash, by all means go ahead.
    But if you have an identity on your blog already, it is kinda hard to blend it in together with earning cash as a side purpose while blogging. I mean, come on… there were so many good blogs out there, but once they turn on those paid post thingy… and add countless ads all over their blogs…

    it is kind of a turn off.

    Some of their blogs, i never read again, because there is nothing interesting left to read.

    I’m not saying those ads are bad.. just that the blogger must be smart enough to maintain the long term readership. You do not want to lose readers while earning some meagre cash.

  2. did u?? i must have left it out :X

    and i totally agree with u.

    esp when its PayPerPost and bloggers merely blog about boring stuff unrelated to us etc etc.

    i suppose this ads are better than paid reviews 😀 but one or two in a blue moon doesnt hurt aye.

    btw, u will gt ur kolo mee soon. like. monday. LOL.

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  4. I read a lot about earning cash through blogging today, ironically. Regarding which ads to put up, I have no say because I am not into it. But for aspiring bloggers who want to earn cash through blogging, I can only quote this:

    If you place an advertisement on your blog, it is considered a business, and like all businesses, it should be treated professionally.

    – Lorelle vanFossen, in her book Blogging Tips: What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging.

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