A Guess For A Drink

Okay. A break from reading long, hefty, wordy posts.

This one is for you readers.

Guess what’s in the 2 boxes.

Okay. There’s like a million and one possibilities so here’s another clue.

It’s not a hard guess, really, so besides telling me WHAT it is, you have to tell me HOW MANY of them in the 2 boxes.

Unlike Kenny and Minishorts who gave out LG Chocolates…my prize will be a lot smaller *pai seh*

Winner gets a round of drink(of your choice to be claimed whenever you meet me) and also a little something else- related to that mystery thing in the box of course.


  • If I’ve told you before you’re not eligible to guess (e.g. the 3 of you I went out for lunch with today, family members etc etc)
  • You can leave a comment, or PM me in whatever way convenient. Comments will be moderated when I’m back from Damai in bulk. 😀
  • Should I not know you personally, I’ll leave it up to you to find a way to claim it from me.

The first one who guesses correctly wins. Should there be no correct answers, the closest one wins.

In the event of a tie, you shall all be winners.

So it’s simple right?




10 thoughts on “A Guess For A Drink

  1. All Hail Kolo-Mee! And there’s freaking 35+35, making a Holy 70 packets. OMG are you trying to kill us all? I don’t want prizes, I only want Kolo-Mee! The first pic I can already smell the fragrance of the bbq pork already. Mm.. Can’t wait… *salivates at 6.30am*

    See! I even woke up because of the smell.

  2. And oh, make sure you do what the box says. Handle with care! I think I was a little too excited when I typed the comment above, maybe less than 70 la. I see the box like small small only ler 😛

  3. LOL guys. all Food guesses ey?

    The answer’s Kolo Mee. 50 packets of it. (= Bluey, nice guess. hehe. Claim your drink from me the next time u see me! muahahahaha. and also a bowl of kolo mee tsk tsk tsk

    Nice one ppl!

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