To Ze Beach! Again.

Just got back from Damai Beach. This time with 4 very dear friends. It was more of a relaxing and chill out time, very different from what previous trips used to be – hilariously chaotic.

Perhaps we’re older now?


We had a miserable attempt at mini-golfing. The ground wasn’t even and thus the flower to stop the ball from rolling.

It poured heavily that afternoon too which resulted in us retiring to our room to play UNO and Cluedo.

Once the rain subsided, the beach called for us.

Dinner that night was at Buntal. A very hearty meal indeed. SEVEN dishes to be shared among FIVE people and the total damage was only a little over a hundred! And we had crabs, squid, prawns, oysters, chicken etc etc.

The only downside of the whole trip was my splitting migraine later that night. But thank goodness it didn’t stay for long. After a short nap i was restless and sleepless the whole night (plus it was freaking cooooold in the room!).

Went to the beach at 4am to feed the mosquitoes and sand flies πŸ˜€

It was dark I tell you. But the sounds of the waves was all I needed.

There’s no sunrise to go googoogaga about in Damai but it was still breathtaking to sit by the beach till the crack of dawn.

And at 7am…

Orangy skies (=

Being at the beach when no one else is feels godly. Staring into the wide sea with no boundaries made it feel like…you’ve got the world in your hands. And that no one else exists but you.

The cloud which looked oddly like a fist

Crab hole

Flooded stream

Message in a bottle

It was a trip worth remembering and reliving.

Like they say…

The waves may have washed the beach clean…

Even the footsteps you’ve left behind will be washed out…


The memories kept at heart will be cherised forever.

(L-R) Sherly, Christopher, Chang Mei, Bernie

To the 3 of you Singaporean Musketeers, good luck in Singapore and don’t become a kiasu okay? And to Bernie, all the best for UK (though you still have time and possibly more Damai trips before that).

Thanks for the fantastic company over the weekend!



7 thoughts on “To Ze Beach! Again.

  1. you were totally rite bout feeding the mosquitoes. i got 20 love bites…but i guess it was totally worth it to enjoy the peaceful and relaxing beach moment. was just thinking, when when when will it be the next time we all go together again???? and….bout the dinner, it was just totally amazing….cant believe it we sapu all the food. hahah

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