That First Real Job

Note: This is one of those posts which I’m typing for myself. So that donkey years later, I can look back and remember this day. 😀 

After a series of unfortunate events, things seem to be getting better every second (at least for me).

I’ve just been offered a job – a real job.

No more part time jobs for me – no more jobs at restaurants/fast food chains or supermarkets.

This company i’m working for is the world’s largest face-to-face marketing company and is operating in over 20 countries worldwide.

I’m not gonna link their website cuz I don’t wanna risk somebody from the company ‘coming across’ my site (= In any case should I need to rant about my work in the future, I can safely do so here. Hehe! Company’s name will be typed backwards/abbreviated too.

Anyway, the father company:-

The company I’m working for in Perth:-

From now on I’ll refer to it as SGC

After excruciating interviews…

and hectic but fun evaluation day…

My boss finally called me and offered me the job!!

He’s a really nice guy, very easy going and jokes oh-so-very-often…and he talks like a bullet train. Seriously.

I’m ecstatic about it. Really. Having sooooo many people sent in their resumes, I was happy enough that mine got shortlisted. And then having soooo many people going for the interviews, I was even happier to have passed the initial interview! Boss passed me straight away. He said “I don’t do this often, but I’m going to invite you in for the evaluation day straight away.” And with the company running evaluation days for a few weeks, no one has been selected yet. But he actually called!

I’m oh so ecstatic.

Colleagues have been great so far. The company basically hires those around 25-30, and they’re loads of fun! Lots of Jamie Oliver look alikes. LOL.

But yeah. It’s going to be coats and formal wear for me from now on. Can’t imagine huh?

And oh did I tell you? I wore a Mickey Mouse shirt for the first interview? Paired with sports shoes?


Well. Things are going to change from now on.

Shopping spree tomorrow. Think G2000 clothes.

It’s amazing how time flies. A while ago we were all in uniforms, playing water guns in Form 5…

And now I feel so old. Ancient. Dino.

Anyhoo…thanks you guys for being there for me all this while with this new-job-craze. For the luck, for sharing the happiness and insanity…

I lub you all! 😛


10 thoughts on “That First Real Job

  1. i like this part….

    “It’s amazing how time flies. A while ago we were all in uniforms, playing water guns in Form 5…”

    i still remember ah lee going “bangbangbang” imitating lil kids trying to scold us on our last briefing or sth liddat.

    =) Congrats.

  2. oo hey hey. u made me realise i typoed uniforms as unifroms (= yea…i miss ah lee and his speeches sometimes…and those good ol days. esp f5. haha. life was so simple back then.

    ahh…thanks dude. have a safe trip back to sg aye?

  3. Congrats!

    Do impress them so they’ll love you and hire you later.

    You sure you wanna blog about work? Your page appears on google pretty easily you know.

  4. Thankss! 😀 hrmm i dun think they’ll google “everydayrojak” or smth like that haha. as long as when somebody googles the company name or bosses name or smth it doesnt appear…but i’ll be careful too 😀 thanks againnnnnnn

  5. hey =) just happened to read this post from the overseer.

    my congratulations. have fun with work. your blog’s a joy to read, even though well, i don’t really know you well.

  6. i’m enjoying my holidays… frankly just taking my mind off studying and all…

    and not working, to which you put me to shame 🙂

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