Missing The Rainforest

Where’s the Orang Utans????


It’s the time of the year again when everyone’s infected with the RWMF hype. Well, almost everyone.

Let’s see…

RWMF 2002

Went with my parents. Absolutely NO memories at all. Sobs.

RWMF 2003

We had a Lodge field trip to RWMF in which a couple of us stayed back. The highlight of that year wasn’t the event itself, but it was more of the THIRTEEN-people-in-ONE-room at Damai. Broken glass, spilt cup noodles, broken lamps(football in the room), playing PS with cranked up volume, watching Italian Job at about 4am, and oh, underwears lying around. CLASSIC.

But there was one group though which stood out among the rest. Probably because of Joanne i remember them. Chipolatas. Haha! Bumble Bee remember? 😀

Then there’s this picture which has been in my wallet since then…oh, I cropped myself out of the photo haha…

(L-R) Gabriel, Carol, Jeffrey, Kelvin, Rusydie, Ivan, Billy, Amy

RWMF 2004

Memory is failing me…argh. I don’t remember much but i remember Rusydie and his gang. I don’t think anyone else went and stayed the night. We were running from stage to stage trying to be in front for every good performance. Haha. Monkeys indeed.

People mountain, people sea…

RWMF 2005

SPM year. Again, not a lot of people went. Was mainly Rusydie and his gang. Judith came up and spent the night with my parents and I. First time ever I stayed at the Hilltop. MOMOK i tell you! Was the first and last time. Ever. Not too crazy a year…we bought a beer each and chilled out.

Anyone familiar? 😛

RWMF 2006

A year ago. Hamtaroo, Jing and Cindy flew all the way from KL. Ben joined us later that afternoon. It was a crazy night. A night of good performances and excellent company! I think we all io ka chng’ed danced the whole night long till our legs couldnt carry us anymore! When the night ended we had to literally crawl our way back to Damai and poor Ben who didn’t stay the night had to go up the slope and drive all the way back to Kuching! Lols. Luckily his car didn’t stall! And who could forget Mr Lion Head Alex from the Canadian trio?

Read Ben’s account of last year here.

Ben & Mr Lion Head

RWMF 2007

Sighs. There won’t be any memories for this one. Besides maybe freezing in Perth…

Ticket prices have increased(again). It was RM60 for a 1 day pass last year and it’s now RM80. A 3 day pass last year would have cost RM180 and this year it’s RM200.

Just because it’s the 10th year anniversary. The biggest one so far and proclaimed the bestest best of all, and I won’t be there!


Hrmph. Anyone of you going?


13 thoughts on “Missing The Rainforest

  1. OMG!!!

    how can u forget 2006 we watched world cup live after *crawling* back frm RFWF?!?!

    italy won…. hehe

  2. oh yahhh. BUT i din watch remember??? We watched EVERY SINGLE MATCH in world cup…but i DIN WATCH THE FINALS! I totally died on the bed that night…remember?? lol. i remember hearing u and jing screaming tho..hahaha. oh wait. i watched the second half tho..haha.

    good ol’ days. i miss the mamak sessions.

  3. ya!!! remember the hamsap mamak guy @ kayu? then we shifted to 1U to watch… and been there every since! hahaha so nice hor!!! so much fun!


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