Is Harry Potter 7 ‘Leaking’?

Rumor has it that the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been leaked/hacked.

A hacker by the name of Gabriel hacked into the computers of Bloomsbury(publishers of HP).

So awesome.

It might not be true, but then again, we don’t know this.


Click here to read the hackers e-mail in full.

There is also a 281 page long e-book online. It claims to be the first third of the 784 page long book.

But then again, even if it’s not real, it’ll be interesting to read what the HP fanatic wrote. Who’s that free to write 281 pages?


11 thoughts on “Is Harry Potter 7 ‘Leaking’?

  1. GOT!!!! theres now about 4 version of HP7 books circulating in the net, written by some fans so now no one knows which is which… so mostly just download to see what they write hehe

  2. w00t~ caleb here. my blog address change liaw. wakakaka. and it was wrong in ur links anyways šŸ˜¦ hahaha nice to see your blog. was googling my name *vain* and i saw ur wushu post~ cheers!

  3. lamomok: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …………………………….

    anon: lols.

    caleb: yo! hahaha. im so so sorry! will change it soon!!! lolsss. those were the days ey?

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