Old Blogger

Sometimes I wonder when we’ll stop blogging. Or how long more we’re gonna continue.

Say we’re 19 now…are we still gonna be blogging when we’re in our 30’s? 40’s?

Then what will we be blogging about then? Own family?

Or will i just quit blogging tomorrow?


Won’t it be cool if you teach your child how to blog as soon as he can string words together? And then he keeps the blog till he gets old and you can see his writing progress and everything. And he’ll have childhood memories too. So much better than writing diaries or journals in school. 😀


Prayers For A Friend

Earlier in the evening I received news that a school mate of mine in the same batch was diagnosed with Arterio-Venous Malformation(AVM). To put it in simple words, the veins and artery entangled in one’s brain. Lionel’s account of it here.

As I looked at his last nick on MSN, it was “Pray be, that i will live” – Living with a bomb ticking.

John stated a fact today. We’re old enough to encounter death. Some of us already have. But it’s too early. And we’re not ready.

I wasn’t close to him I must say, and he was to me, the ‘guy-next-door’. But I’ve come to realise now that if I had a chance to turn back time, I would have gotten to know him better – and everyone else for that matter.

Dear friend,

We don’t know of your condition at this moment – the outcome of your surgery, but we are all praying and hoping for the best for you.

I pray that your doctors will be in the hands of the upper power. They are not the only way that you can heal, but it is a good hope – that your doctors will find a treatment. I pray that you will have the hope and courage, and to put faith into them. Hope mixed with medicine will make both stronger.

Fear is a horrible and paralyzing thing, as we know. I pray that you use this fear rather than submitting to it. To tell you to not be afraid is foolish. However, I hope that you will transform this fear into fuel for this fight.

And after this fight, I pray for your recovery. To escape from the smell of antiseptic and crappy hospital food and might catch a whiff of Kuching again.

You WILL pull through. I know you will. Because you HAVE to.

God bless.

My Second Home For Now

This blog is sooooo neglected. Everytime you click on it you see Negarakuku. Haha.

Been soooo busy with work lately and haven’t had the time to do anything else. Can’t wait till uni starts again!

Anyways…gonna share with you my space. (=

My work place!

My coat…my keys… and yes. My Cadbury chocolate milk to jump start each day.


Post Probation Tarts

It’s 9 in the morning and I’ve just came back from work.

Yep, when everyone’s going to work, I’ve just came back!

Okay, technically it wasn’t work.

I’ve got a day off today, but at 5am this morning, Lady Boss called me to go in to the office for a little while. She said she’ll give me a lift.

So I was like “…… Okay….”

She came over, and to my surprise, it was Lady Boss herself. I asked her where Mr Boss is, and she said he had to attend to some matter.

I got to the office…


Surprise, surprise!!

It was a party!! For me!!

She told me that I’m over my probation/training period. It’s supposed to be 2 months, but I did it in half the time 😀

AND AND AND!!! She told me I was the highest roller for the company for this month!! Wakakakaka


Then Mr Boss came not long after that carrying EIGHT boxes of goodies from the very famous Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie!

We all digged in like hyenas at 6.30am. I tell you, the pastries look DAMN GOOD and makes you salivate. Take it from me, someone who doesn’t eat breakfast. You’ll actually feel hungry just by looking at them!

He bought assorted danish pastries, assorted tarts, brioches, pain au chocolats, croissants, muffins..

We were all stuffed I tell you and in the end, I even had some to bring home!

I didn’t take any pictures of the ones in the office cuz I thought it would be inappropriate to snap pictures then. But these are from the box I brought home.

11 prized possession in a box

Mixed Berries Tartelettes (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)

Strawberry Tartelettes

Mixed Fruit Danish

Lemon Meringue

Key Lime Tart

The tartelettes are sensational! The pie pastry is crunchy, and sort of aromatic. The layer of custard beneath the fruits wasn’t too custardy (I hate custards, but i love this one!) and it wasn’t too sweet. The sweetness of the custard complimented the sourness of the fruits very well and it was awesome.

The eclairs were another favorite. My colleague had 5 eclairs and still had room for more. The chocolate eclair and the alcohol infused pralines were the first to finish. Having eaten so many danishes and eclairs, I decided to bring home all fruit. 😀

Well, what a pleasant start to a pleasant day.

Thank you everyone!!! You guys are awesome!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with Harry Potter and I have to finish the last book of this 7 series book! Then at least I don’t have to queue up at 6am tomorrow all hyped up to get my book 😀

Harry Potter 7 Full Spoilers

Who wants to know the ending to Harry Potter 7?? HAHA

Apparently, the ‘real’ thing is out and available for download. Some maniac took a photo of each page of the book so you can read the real thing.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows photographed version

Download here(the file can be taken off anytime).

If it IS the real deal, I tell you…it is DEPRESSING.


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The Rascal Furball Turns One!

It seems like it was just yesterday when my sister and I went to the pet shop to bring the furball back home. There is a story behind ‘buying’ her though…

We initially didn’t mean to buy her. When we first went to the pet shop, we fell in love with another Shih Tzu. It was a male furball, reallllllyyyy pudgy and the owner named it Fei Zai(Fat One).

Fei Zai

But we didn’t really intend to get a dog then. But after falling in love with Fei Zai, we told the owner of the pet shop that we’ll return after we think it over. “Buying a dog is a lifetime commitment ma!” Hehe. Anyways, we decided to go for it BUT the next day, the owner told us Fei Zai was sold already!!!! )=

So determined to get a dog already, we went back to the pet shop with hopes that there might be another dog that we missed because we were so head over heels with Fei Zai.

And there she was.

The Rascal Furball.

We returned on the 30th of August(beats me how I remember useless stuff) and brought her back. And the name Pudgy sticked with her.

Today, she turns one!!!!

So yea, happy birthday my Bumblebear!!!!

Pudgy’s first birthday with her groomer Anne and her bro in law

Another one with the addition of another Shih Tzu

The rascal furball in pink (must try to look and act more feminine!!)


Happy Birthday again!!! 1 year older (read 7 human years) must be 1 year more kuai! Hehe.

 p/s Hamtaroo, did you teach Pudgy to blow the candle? 😛