My Bumblebee

I’ve watched Transformers twice, in 2 consecutive days.

Totally rox my sox i tell you.

But that wasn’t why i watched it twice.

I caught the late night session at Cinema City on Saturday night but during the last 20 minutes, the film went dead or something and melted.

I was so so soooooooooo heartbroken but Hoyts gave us complimentary passes (for any movie of your choice) and like duh i wanted to know the ending so i went again the next day.

If you’ve not watched it yet, you should!

It’s omfg awesome. And Josh Duhamel FTW!!

I went in with totally no clue of what Transformers was about(don’t laugh!). The only thing I knew or remembered, was seeing lil kids play with those robotic thingy which….transforms. Then John had to fill me in about all those…decepticons, autobots, who’s good and who’s bad.

But wow. It’s easily the best movie this year.

My favourite Autobot?


They even managed to make his robotic face look sad towards the ending.

And the part where they were on the chase and Optimus Prime and the gang drifted to follow Bumblebee? OoooohhhhH! O_o

Sexy Chevrolet Camaro

p/s Daddy, can i have that as my first car???? 😀


9 thoughts on “My Bumblebee

  1. err…. did u know there’s only 4 camaro in this world? and its bout 500mil USD a pop?

    so u think that will be ur first car? hahahahhahahhaa *evil laugh*

  2. hahaha, who doesn’t want that car? it’s such an awes car, i want it too!!!
    wow, you saw transformers twice? i wanted to, but nobody was available the second time round… =(

  3. gabe: exactly!! haha its like *gasps* hahaha. if only bumblebee existed. tsk tsk. or optimus prime.

    robin: yesssss thats the best decision you’ll make today. haha seriously!!

    transformerssss! more than meets the eye. transformerssss! robots in disguise.

    i’ve gone mad.

  4. haven’t seen the movie yet but most of freinds who had seen it, told me better buy DVD la. hehehe. come Bumblebee become a Camaro? last time, when i was a kid, bumblebee is a old volkwagen aka O Kui Chia.

  5. heyaz! haha. reallyyy?? i haven’t heard any bad comments about the movie so far lols.

    yalorr Bumblebee became Camaro in this movie. hehe. no more beetle. but so cutee! 😀

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