Farm Animals

Wasn’t too long ago after work when a few colleagues and I grabbed a late dinner somewhere in the city.

Adorable kid, she had. A son, only 3 years old and as smart as a rat(are rats smart?)! She had the whole kid’s paraphernalia thing with her – equipped with lots of coloring books, crayons, toys, snacks and what not. But he(Andrew) was so engrossed with this book with bright cute pictures of farm animals.

Throughout the TWO hours of dinner he sat there flipping the pages over and over again, and when he was done, he would close the book and start from the beginning. Each time, he would point out an animal and make animal sounds.

Makes you wanna have a kid too ey?


Then when mummy took a break to go to the car and take some stuff, I managed to spend some bonding time with him.

“Chicken makes what sound, Andrew?” “Kluack kluack kwaaack *flaps arms*”
“And the pig?” “Ong Ong!”
“What about Andrew? What sounds does he make?” “Mummmyyyyyy!! I want mummy!!!”


I kept quiet instantly and avoided the stares the patrons and other diners were giving me.



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