Fast Forwarding

First things first. Is anyone going to the WA Web Awards Presentation Ceremony this year? Or any of you wanna go? I’ve got 2 free tickets to the thing(I’ll be going alone on behalf of the company)..meaning 1 to give away. Tickets worth AUD130 okay? Don’t play play! Hehe. It’s a black tie event, i.e. very very very formal(not wear a black tie!). So if you’re interested, PM me or something. Details about the event can be found in the site at the ‘About’ page.

Speaking of ties, I’ve got this bright orange tie sitting in my room since last month. The company gave it to us at this rally(read: free food, wine, and lotsa fun) and we all had to wear it to define we’re…us. Each company had different trademarks…and ours was an orange tie with black outfit. So yeah. I don’t suppose I’ll ever need it again. So if you need an orange tie, or want it, just holla 😀


At the bus stop after work today I decided that I’ve got to set a pace for my life soon. The recent passing of someone close to heart and others tells us nothing other than that life is short.

It was like growing up in 1 second. Enough of hanging out and doing crazy childish stuff…I had the urge to explore places, travel the world. See things, you know?

And then I started planning for my next 2 and a half years in Perth.

  • I would save up and get a car(and a valid license here in Australia) 😀 hahaha
  • I would save up(read AUS695) and go for diving lessons and eventually get a diving license from the Australasian Diving Academy. Having done that, I will go scuba diving and snorkeling around Rottnest Island and other places where the sand is crystal fine, waters sparkle a clear blue in the sun and where marine life is plenty. But this will only be accomplished after I graduate.
  • The top 10 things to do in Perth will be my 10 things i HAVE done in Perth by the end of this year. And let me tell you, I’m nowhere near half of the list. Only…one.
  • During my mid semester holidays next year, I will NOT go back to Kuching. (Hi Daddy! haha) I will NOT be working either. Instead, I will be volunteering as a docent in the Perth Zoo or at the AQWA. I’ve always been an animal person, and I suppose this would be a good time to be around them while getting a whole new different experience.
  • Once a week, I will be at a nice quiet coffee place in one of the suburbs, sitting at a lighted corner with a book…sipping hot coffee. It’s rewarding I tell you. To get away from the hustle and bustles of city life(where my work place is), uni stuff and…technology. Yes, the internet. It’s so addictive, I need to get away from it.
  • And then when I’m all done with uni, I will go backpacking around Europe. For as long as I want. (= Of course, there’s the saving up part before that as well. About AUD3000? :X Hopefully I’d have saved up enough to carry back an even finer viola than my hubby now. Now, that’s a thought isn’t it? A fine handmade viola, without varnish…bare, nude but beautifully carved. The curves that defines it will be oh-so-stunning that if in 3 years time I’ve forgotten how to play, it’ll still sound pleasant to the ears. 😀

We gotta live life, no?

p/s I’ve got lots more of To Do’s…but I didn’t wanna bore you guys any further with the hopes and dreams of a girl who might change her mind when she wakes up tomorrow morning. 😀

p/p/s What about YOU? What have you got planned out for your future?


10 thoughts on “Fast Forwarding

  1. My future….? Will need some time to really sit down and think about it. But like you mentioned, my mind isn’t probably ready to commit itself to the future. Not yet, perhaps. Still worth a thought.

    .. and I really like the sound of the quiet weekly coffee thing you have in mind. Shall try that once a week too.

  2. Even when the future isn’t vague, life still throws shit at you.

    At the end of the day, we gotta put a halt to the plans in mind to wipe the shit from your face and proceed on with life. But that still mean that we need an initial plan, no?

    Was just a figure of speech btw ;P

  3. i’ve had enuf shit thank-u-very-much. lolz~ but i have no initial plan. -_-”

    btw san, i juz realised im not on ur “i know” list. im so hurt… i shall go find a lil corner n cry in it. =p

  4. hahaha. shit is good. LOL. that sounds sooo wrong.

    OMG amy! i just realised that too!!!! oh noooo. hahaha. added already!! dun cry duncry! lol sooryy!

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