Martians and Earthlings

I’ve been reading the newspapers. Like…every single freaking day.

Aren’t you proud of me? HAHA

At the office, client’s companies, conventions, etc etc. On weekdays I most probably get my papers from the train stations…

Anyways, on the world wide sections, there’s often news about NASA sending space probes to Mars to search for signs of life and stuff.

It got me thinking.

What if one day, shit happens and the experiment backfires and hits Earth? Like the probe hits something, comes back to Earth and brings back a fatal disease? Or part of Mars breaks and hits Earth. Or errr…it detects signs of life in Mars, and the probe accidentally brings it back to Earth…and we’ll be invaded by Martians.

That would be so cool.

The story will be a hit in the Box Office.

And I’ll be the next Spielberg.


5 thoughts on “Martians and Earthlings

  1. i don’t think its possible for a part of Mars to break off and hit Earth… Won’t that piece of Mars have to escape Mars’ gravitational field first? And once it reaches Earth’s atmosphere, it would ignite due to friction and burn up? Unless it were a huge huge piece…

  2. oh lamomok! dun think so scientificallyyyyyyy. just close one eye and pretend thats the best storyline a movie will ever have. make me bangga a bit la ya? haha

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