Do You Remember…

Our Lodge years? 

With the whole Form 5:-

  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  • Courtesy of Lamomok

  • KL trip 2003
  • The after school hours? Socialising from class to class. And 5B had the London Bridge is falling down thing. LOL
  • The last day of school
  • Au Revoir

With the prefects:-

  • Prefect’s Telematch. Water balloons, obstacle courses…
  • Teacher’s Day. The performances – ‘Hero’, Jay Chou songs, and yes…the chain! Red yellow blue red yellow blue (Sherly, Kevin, Shih Yang if you’re reading this. Haha!)
  • Singapore trip 2005. The haunted hotel!
  • Anticipating spot checks so we could all skip class 😉

With my classmates:-

  • Our last class picture together
  • The guys breaking into the store room in our class…the drums, trumpets and trombone? And getting caught by Mr Lee
  • This aeroplane picture taken in Form 4
  • The ‘door bell’ Albert got for our class which played annoying kiddy tunes
  • Playing with water guns
  • Buying Cikgu Suzanna the watch for her birthday in which she had a story behind it
  • RWMF times
  • Taiti sessions everyday before SPM
  • The wushu craze

Do you remember?

I do.

p/s Lots more I’m sure of it…but these are those which stayed on top of my head. Feel free to add through the comments and I’ll add to the list when I’m free… (=


3 thoughts on “Do You Remember…

  1. oh no.. now u have stirred up my own old school memories !! ahahahahaha…
    coming from an all boys school.. u can bet we did plenty of “interesting” things back then… kekekekekekekee

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