Missing Out On Gwen

An update on work life…it’s now revolving around this project in Sydney.  


Someone called me a while back. He said he was from a radio station(I didn’t catch which) and he asked me to sing Gwen Stefani’s The Sweet Escape. In return, he’ll give me free tickets to see Gwen live in Burswood Dome!!

Being suspicious, I said no thanks. I had a feeling it was a prank call(too much of JJ & Rudy’s Gotcha!) and so it ended there and then.

Jonathan, Alec and Dahna then told me it was from Nova and that they DO do this kind of stuff.

I was a celebrity for a while but I had to be an ass.

Bye bye Gwen Stefani and the AUD80 tickets…


5 thoughts on “Missing Out On Gwen

  1. Oh gosh… you had a chance… LOL Hey, ask them to call me to sing, I hentam every song of hers I know so that I can get those tickets and sell it off. Muahahaha since I’ve already bought one.

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