Of Dolphins & Sizzler Part 1

This is a very very VERY backdated post.

One fine Saturday, John and I went to Cottesloe beach. It was stunning I tell you. Stunning!

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle
A shark enjoys the cycle paths on Rottnest Island

That was taken at the Fremantle port just before you get on the ferry to Rottnest Island.

Anyways, since the journey wasn’t to Rottnest, I took a 2 minute train ride from Freo to Victoria’s Street where I met John.

Cottesloe is famous for it’s loooooooong stretch of beach(es) where people surf, snorkel, fish, swim, and do whatever else you do at a beach. The view of the Indian Ocean is soo beautiful and the wind is awesome! It just doesn’t stop blowing.

This picture doesn’t do justice

John looking for hidden treasure 😉

A pile of washed up seaweed and seashells


Sundial by the beach

Another part of the beach

I think Cottesloe is like…4 times the length of Damai?? Haha..We walked from one end to the other and took about 1 hour 10 minutes…but it was awesome.

But that wasn’t all.

We stopped by the jetty and watched some locals fish…and suddenly…John spotted this.


With 4x zoom on a 2 megapixel camera phone…i don’t think you can see…but try spot the red circle in the picture..sooo adorable! And it was like about 200m from the shore. If i was prepared to get wet i would have went into the waters and played with it.

But it would probably swim away anyways. -_-”

Ok..this is getting a little lengthy…I will continue with Part 2 tomorrow or something 😀

p/s John thinks that the dolphin in the pic looks like Loch ness monster )=

7 thoughts on “Of Dolphins & Sizzler Part 1

  1. there used to be this restaurant called blue duck… izzit still there? the mussels and garlic bread ROCKS… but then again.. its 10 yrs ago hahahahhaha

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