The Rascal Furball Turns One!

It seems like it was just yesterday when my sister and I went to the pet shop to bring the furball back home. There is a story behind ‘buying’ her though…

We initially didn’t mean to buy her. When we first went to the pet shop, we fell in love with another Shih Tzu. It was a male furball, reallllllyyyy pudgy and the owner named it Fei Zai(Fat One).

Fei Zai

But we didn’t really intend to get a dog then. But after falling in love with Fei Zai, we told the owner of the pet shop that we’ll return after we think it over. “Buying a dog is a lifetime commitment ma!” Hehe. Anyways, we decided to go for it BUT the next day, the owner told us Fei Zai was sold already!!!! )=

So determined to get a dog already, we went back to the pet shop with hopes that there might be another dog that we missed because we were so head over heels with Fei Zai.

And there she was.

The Rascal Furball.

We returned on the 30th of August(beats me how I remember useless stuff) and brought her back. And the name Pudgy sticked with her.

Today, she turns one!!!!

So yea, happy birthday my Bumblebear!!!!

Pudgy’s first birthday with her groomer Anne and her bro in law

Another one with the addition of another Shih Tzu

The rascal furball in pink (must try to look and act more feminine!!)


Happy Birthday again!!! 1 year older (read 7 human years) must be 1 year more kuai! Hehe.

 p/s Hamtaroo, did you teach Pudgy to blow the candle? 😛


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