Harry Potter 7 Full Spoilers

Who wants to know the ending to Harry Potter 7?? HAHA

Apparently, the ‘real’ thing is out and available for download. Some maniac took a photo of each page of the book so you can read the real thing.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows photographed version

Download here(the file can be taken off anytime).

If it IS the real deal, I tell you…it is DEPRESSING.


Sure you wanna read?

Death count is EXTREMELY high.

Hedwig died.

Mad Eye Moody died.

Minister of Magic died.

Tonks got married to Professor Lupin and they both died.

Fred died.

Colin Creey died.

Sorting Hat died.

Voldemort died!

Ron and Hermione got married and had 2 kids…Hugo and Ross

Harry and Ginny got married and had 3 kids…named James, Lily and Albus Severus

Harry is the 7th Hocrux

Harry’s scar went away

Neville became professor of Herbology

The ending of the book is also fast forwarded to about 19 years later…

And Snape became the new headmaster of Hogwarts.

Oh. But i think he died too.

Okay. I’m gonna continue reading and stop blogging.

Don’t kill me if it’s not right. Im not saying it’s 100% the real deal. Don’t kill me for spoiling it either.



9 thoughts on “Harry Potter 7 Full Spoilers

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  2. OMG LOL. i don’t know why, but seeing spoilers is funny. LOLOLOLOLOL

    i guess i just am amused by the amassing of statements, but then again, i’m weird that way.

    sorting hat died. LOL
    ok, i think i better stop.

  3. please send me the book 7 on my mail adress i have read it from a burrowed book but wana read it again please please send it to me

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