Post Probation Tarts

It’s 9 in the morning and I’ve just came back from work.

Yep, when everyone’s going to work, I’ve just came back!

Okay, technically it wasn’t work.

I’ve got a day off today, but at 5am this morning, Lady Boss called me to go in to the office for a little while. She said she’ll give me a lift.

So I was like “…… Okay….”

She came over, and to my surprise, it was Lady Boss herself. I asked her where Mr Boss is, and she said he had to attend to some matter.

I got to the office…


Surprise, surprise!!

It was a party!! For me!!

She told me that I’m over my probation/training period. It’s supposed to be 2 months, but I did it in half the time 😀

AND AND AND!!! She told me I was the highest roller for the company for this month!! Wakakakaka


Then Mr Boss came not long after that carrying EIGHT boxes of goodies from the very famous Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie!

We all digged in like hyenas at 6.30am. I tell you, the pastries look DAMN GOOD and makes you salivate. Take it from me, someone who doesn’t eat breakfast. You’ll actually feel hungry just by looking at them!

He bought assorted danish pastries, assorted tarts, brioches, pain au chocolats, croissants, muffins..

We were all stuffed I tell you and in the end, I even had some to bring home!

I didn’t take any pictures of the ones in the office cuz I thought it would be inappropriate to snap pictures then. But these are from the box I brought home.

11 prized possession in a box

Mixed Berries Tartelettes (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)

Strawberry Tartelettes

Mixed Fruit Danish

Lemon Meringue

Key Lime Tart

The tartelettes are sensational! The pie pastry is crunchy, and sort of aromatic. The layer of custard beneath the fruits wasn’t too custardy (I hate custards, but i love this one!) and it wasn’t too sweet. The sweetness of the custard complimented the sourness of the fruits very well and it was awesome.

The eclairs were another favorite. My colleague had 5 eclairs and still had room for more. The chocolate eclair and the alcohol infused pralines were the first to finish. Having eaten so many danishes and eclairs, I decided to bring home all fruit. 😀

Well, what a pleasant start to a pleasant day.

Thank you everyone!!! You guys are awesome!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with Harry Potter and I have to finish the last book of this 7 series book! Then at least I don’t have to queue up at 6am tomorrow all hyped up to get my book 😀


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