Prayers For A Friend

Earlier in the evening I received news that a school mate of mine in the same batch was diagnosed with Arterio-Venous Malformation(AVM). To put it in simple words, the veins and artery entangled in one’s brain. Lionel’s account of it here.

As I looked at his last nick on MSN, it was “Pray be, that i will live” – Living with a bomb ticking.

John stated a fact today. We’re old enough to encounter death. Some of us already have. But it’s too early. And we’re not ready.

I wasn’t close to him I must say, and he was to me, the ‘guy-next-door’. But I’ve come to realise now that if I had a chance to turn back time, I would have gotten to know him better – and everyone else for that matter.

Dear friend,

We don’t know of your condition at this moment – the outcome of your surgery, but we are all praying and hoping for the best for you.

I pray that your doctors will be in the hands of the upper power. They are not the only way that you can heal, but it is a good hope – that your doctors will find a treatment. I pray that you will have the hope and courage, and to put faith into them. Hope mixed with medicine will make both stronger.

Fear is a horrible and paralyzing thing, as we know. I pray that you use this fear rather than submitting to it. To tell you to not be afraid is foolish. However, I hope that you will transform this fear into fuel for this fight.

And after this fight, I pray for your recovery. To escape from the smell of antiseptic and crappy hospital food and might catch a whiff of Kuching again.

You WILL pull through. I know you will. Because you HAVE to.

God bless.


5 thoughts on “Prayers For A Friend

  1. My friend in CAL had a similar disease last year to your friend’s one now. He just woke up one morning finding himself not being able to move half side of his whole body. It was critical, seriously. Doctor hinted us that the chance of survival is not high. But thankfully, he’s recovered now, not fully though, with the help of God and his family and friends, also, the very kind doctors and nurses in GH.

    Pray for your friend. God bless him.

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