Old Blogger

Sometimes I wonder when we’ll stop blogging. Or how long more we’re gonna continue.

Say we’re 19 now…are we still gonna be blogging when we’re in our 30’s? 40’s?

Then what will we be blogging about then? Own family?

Or will i just quit blogging tomorrow?


Won’t it be cool if you teach your child how to blog as soon as he can string words together? And then he keeps the blog till he gets old and you can see his writing progress and everything. And he’ll have childhood memories too. So much better than writing diaries or journals in school. 😀


4 thoughts on “Old Blogger

  1. Guess that’s what every blogger is afraid of. Personally, I wouldn’t wanna stop blogging any time soon. But ah well, we never know. Don’t stop laa you 😛 Roar, tigress 😉

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