Wishful Thinking

Being both a full-time copywriter and media/communications uni student I need to write lotsa crap. Essays, articles, advertisements, presentations, letters etc.

Lately, my train of thoughts keeps getting distracted. Sometimes, there’s no thoughts at all.

I need to get back to my zen moment…but i can’t find the zen anymore! Argh.

Perhaps i should gear up all my writing paraphernalia and hide out at the beach for a day.

Hrm, that’s a thought.


I Feed You, You Must Feed Me Too!

Another ‘in the bus’ story.

Was coming home from work in a sardined bus this afternoon…and this Chinese lady being typical Chinese was telling her 20+ year old son…

Lady: We spend so much for you, when you grow up…you must take care of dad and I you know? Don’t be like your brother…
Son: …

*translated from Cantonese*

And she kept nagging on and on.

Eh. Come on lah lady.

You and your significant other chooses to have a child unless it was an accident but your poor child DID NOT choose to have you.

Bringing a child up is your own responsibility and your own decision.

Whether or not your child(ren) treats you back the way you treated them is of course, respect…but certainly NOT a duty.

If you want your child to care for you in the future, all you have to do is make sure of their upbringing and GAIN the respect from them. Afterall, you are what moulds your child.

Spread the love, yo!


My parents got me my current laptop in June last year (on the 9th to be specific – that’s the beauty of having a blog) and I’ve not done anything to it since then.

I figured it was time to reformat it because it was becoming awfully laggy and besides, it’s a good time to check out Windows Vista!

Had to transfer all my pictures, songs, documents and what not out. And as I’m typing now, it’s currently in the process of reformatting.

So depressing la.

Even though I’ve got all my stuff but it’s like…. moving house you know?

You move all your stuff with you, but there’s some unwanted rubbish you leave behind in the old house. And there’s the memories too..like how ‘settled’ you were in the old house.


Hands In The House

This post is again VERY outdated. I’ve got like 6 pre-typed posts all waiting to be published from like…weeks ago. Haha!

Sometimes it’s handy having guys as housemates.

They change the blown light globes.

They check the fuse box when there’s a black out.

They fix the heater and everything else spoilt.

They wash the dishes (because they can’t don’t cook)

They insist on carrying all the heavy grocery bags to show their macho-ness (even if it’s a bottle of milk)

And yes…

They also check for momoks when there’s noises outside :mrgreen:

And oh, with currently 4 guys as housemates and 3 of them has cars…I have long came to a conclusion that…

The only chores that they do without being asked to is…


Cleaning/waxing/polishing their cars.


You see them buying all those wax for their cars. Two of them has white cars. And one of them a red car. So all 3 of it has to be sparkly clean so that it looks nice.

Then they have like… play dates where another friend drives over one sunny afternoon and they polish their car together.



Do you see a guy go buy detergent to mop the floor? (willingly)

A Dream

I woke up this morning from a dream. A dream so surreal yet ridiculous.

I couldn’t remember how it started but I remembered the end.

It was my graduation day.

What’s so ridiculous you may ask.

It wasn’t at Murdoch, neither was it for a Bachelor of Mass Communications.

It was at…..


In my dream, I was throwing my mortar hat together with a group of friends(I recognised them in the dream, but i can’t remember who they are)

And….I was carrying my viola. Together with my viola teacher.

Meaning…I graduated from UWA with a degree in music.


Dream interpreter anyone?

Tickets Tickets Tickets!

Idols = Concerts/Performances = Tickets = Lots of $$$$$$!

The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra will be performing at the Perth Concert Hall on the 14th of September. Repertoire includes the greatest works ever written in the Baroque era. Vivaldi, Handel and a few others. I’m definitely going but i havent bought my tickets yet. Still waiting to see if got any classical kaki wanna accompany me or not. Tsk tsk. Don’t worry about my previous post about guys and classical music. 😛

More details here

AUD29 – Youth under 30

Most of you also know i’ve been so hyped up because of Cirque du Soleil. I’ve gotten the VIP ticket FOC for Friday the 28th of September(i think). Still waiting for the ticket though! )=

More details here

AUD250 – VIP

Jay has also kindly bought me a ticket to Linkin Park ft Chris Cornell and his band live at the Burswood Dome, 18th October 2007 as a ‘surprise’ belated birthday present. Note: ‘surprise’. I found out BEFORE he even bought it but thats another story for another time. Hehe

AUD102.20 – general admission

More details here

And I’ve just purchased a ticket to Idea of North Live in concert at Fly by Night Musician’s Club, 12th October 2007. For those of you who knows nuts about them, they’re an Australian A Capella Quartet. And they’re awesomeeee.

AUD33.60 (including postage for tickets) – Concession

More details here

Now, now.

Josh Groban will be debuting his ‘Awake’ album tour in Perth as well! Guess when??

AUD129 – Premium, AUD89 – Gold

14th October, 2007. HAHA What better timing!

Now now, *ahem* who wants to buy me a ticket? It’s a day before my *ahem* birthday.

:mrgreen: *puppy dog eyes*

Okay la, i accept partial sponsors as well. Beggars can’t be greedy!

(Jonathan, if you’re reading this…guess where Josh Groban’s concert is at? Supreme Court Gardens! LOL!!)

Grand total: AUD543.80 (excluding postage for some of the tickets)

Total paid myself: AUD191.60 (assuming i get the premium seats to Josh Groban myself)


*shakes head*

In all effort to comfort myself, at least I don’t waste money doing other silly stuff ey? Hrmm.