Sounds so wrong -_-”

This post is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo backdated. But  someone reminded me of those blood clams/cockles and I remembered about this post.

Monster cockles.

Huge, fat, bloody cockles

Compare the size! Giant!

I know some people don’t eat cockles. Because it’s disgusting, or because you’re a health freak. But generally, if it’s fresh and this huge, the right way to eat it…is like how you would attempt a steak. Medium for the bloody juice oozing out…and well done for a noob.

And because it’s done medium, it’s a no brainer that the cockles won’t open up. They only open up when they’re really cooked. It’s not easy to pry this buggers open and it gets pretty messy. But I had my dad to do it for me. MUAHAHA.

Bloody cockles! (Pun intended)

With chopped chilli and a dash of soy sauce

When you put it into your mouth, *pop* goes all the blood and mushy stuff starts oozing out….

And then the cholestrol in your body shoots right up through your nose.

Yummy…? Hrmmmmm



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