Guitar Torture

Let me share with you a secret I’ve been keeping….

In Australia, whether or not you’re in Perth or Sydney, you see buskers everywhere.

And they inspire me to learn the guitar :X

Those in the know, I play a few instruments…but NOT the guitar. So many a time I learn, I nearly always give up after 5 minutes.

Why? Because they make my fingers hurt so bad I wanna die.

I remember there was once… Lodge had a “Guitar Club” and a few of us joined. Maxwell was the teacher’s name. I think. Was it? But anyway, all I remembered was his long nostrils hair o.O

And then I tried putting plasters on the four fingers but it didn’t help either.

But now, I WILL DO IT!

In fact, my fingers are hurting so much that it’s made it torturous to type now.

But yes. I can do it and I will. Haha.

I used to give excuses that if my fingers hurt I can’t play the piano or the viola or stuff like that. But now no more excuses. I need it to hurt so that the skin will all peel and then harden and I can play the viola well.

That sounds bad.

But yeah. It’s like one of the things I must do before I die. Haha

My housemates have in one way or another inspired me. Wui Hua taught me the song Qing Tian by Jay Chou and Simon plays quite well too so after hearing him play I’m even more inspired! Lol.

And there’s this song You Belong To Me by Jason Wade/Lifehouse/The Duprees/Dean Martin. It’s sooooooo nice. And I’m going to learn that song. You might have heard it if you’ve watched Shrek (=

Oh and Jonathan gave me Andy McKee’s whole album….oh my! Check him out!

Andy Mckee – Drifting

Andy Mckee – Rylynn

And earlier today I was talking to a guitarist quite well known in Sydney and he gave me words of inspiration and motivation. This was what he told me…

“Oh. Your hands hurt do they? That’s nothing new. I’ve seen fingers bleed and strings tearing out from relentless playing. You’ll get used to it.”



5 thoughts on “Guitar Torture

  1. yeh. it always hurts in the beginning. one of my friends literally played until i bled. LOL.

    i’ve never done that. only until the skin come off, chaffing, and can see read read underneath.


  2. if it hurts, and you gain something new and beneficial, then its worth the hurt. Guitar is like so universally accepted beautiful instrument, it blends with almost everything !!

  3. leong: ahhh…such motivating words -_-” aiiii is like ballet man. shyt. this is crazy.

    robin: lol lol. i agree! if those kampung ppl can learn how to play themselves…i must too. )=

  4. amy: “………………………………..” oh my gawd. hahahaha. i really salute u lol. watching center stage enough to give me the creeps lol

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