That’s Gay

I was on a bus today and there were two ABC(Australian Born Chinese) guys behind me. One of them was studying at the Sydney Conservatory of Music and was on holidays.

A: So hows uni life?
B: Not too bad, been playing my cello day in day out I’ve got a recital coming up…
A: That’s gay.
B: What is?
A: Guys who play instruments or listens to classical music. That’s gay.
B: ….

I turned and glared at him.

Who is he to call them gay?

Hrm. But it’s not the first time i’ve heard this.

So truthfully, do you think so too? Are classical instruments/music meant for girls only?


9 thoughts on “That’s Gay

  1. ahahaha, well, what i think the “gay” in that context was something that guy referred to as “unconventional”. For instance, if a guy loves to listen to mariah carey songs, he would be labelled gay too.

  2. haha guys…din think that this post will stir up any comments at all. but yeah. the guy was like serious about it. not the joking way of ure gay thing.



    i’d tell him to like

    go suck his own dick or something

    u shud just like u noe ask him what instruments he palys

    maybe when the guy plays his cello what is the other ABC doing?

    playing dota?

    get fcked!

    who the fck cares if u play dota for 5 hours compared to practicing ur cello for five hours.

    pretty sure chicks dig guys that can play instruments more than those that can farm a radiance in a non em mode with boots and two bracers within 30 minutes.

    fcking fag.

    i hell wanna play piano.

    jay chou serenading much?


    i hate ppl who ‘discriminate’ classicalists. ai ai ai.

    and yes. i believe girls dig guys who play instruments 😛 lol. he was cute though..the cellist


    i should have stared at the stupid ABC and said smth. hrmph.

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