Winter Oh Winter

My room here has always been warm and toasty compared to other parts of the house. When it’s 3 freaking degrees out there, I can heartily laugh at everyone else because i’m not affected by it in my room.

Heck, I’ve never used the heater before this whole winter!

Okay. So i tested it for like 1 hour when i first got it (kuno never use heater before!) then i figured all it does is emit a foul burnt smell. So that was that.

But everytime I leave the room, I always come crawling back shivering and feeling…snowy. Icy. Sandra being Sandra…you know la. Lazy to put on a jacket + long pants just to go out to make a steaming mug of coffee.

Then yesterday morning, at about 7am(!!) I saw a beautifully woven cobweb/spiderweb outside the house. I was so intrigued by it. So symmetrical, complicated and beautiful. Then there were the droplets of morning dew enhancing it’s beauty even more. Woooot.

Again, Sandra being so Sandra thought to herself “Shit. must go take phone to take picture and blog!”

I forgot what I did, but when I came back to my room, I slipped into my warm comfy bed.

Screw the web, I need my sleep.

And when i woke up a couple of hours later, the winter wind had already destroyed poor Spidey’s web.



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