Shame Pooh

Ladies and gentleman, today I bring your attention to a topic common to all of us yet we seldom speak of it. Especially guys.



Unless you’re bald of course.

I’ve been wanting to know the answer to this question…

Is it good to keep changing shampoos? Or is it better to just stick to one type/brand?

I’ve had heard totally opposite answers…so hrmm…What do YOU think? Personal experience anybody??

When I was way way younger, my maid told me that if i keep changing shampoos, all my hair will eventually drop off. 😐 So that’s why I’ve grown up believing that ‘myth’ and always try not to keep changing hair products.

Is this true? Is this true?

Then right, when you go to those like err supermarkets or wherever you go to buy your shampoo, they have like gazillionnnn choices. Makes you wanna try all of them!

Ok la, those are pet’s shampoo but i’m just trying to get my message across! 😛

Then they have ‘propagandas’ on them *ahem geoff ahem* which says silky smooth, dandruff-control-in-7-washes-guaranteed, frizz control, black, volume control… and every other thing you can think of.

But ah, I scared all my hair drop off wor how? 😦

Speaking of which, it was the start of Hungry Ghost Festival yesterday (read: Momok Fest) and I very the scared I see HAIR outside my window at night.

Neh…like this one lor

I nearly had heart attack googling this picture to put up.


6 thoughts on “Shame Pooh

  1. From my experience (yes, a guy’s), I tend to change my sham(e)poo(h) every now and then. Unless the type is really really good (as in suits me la), I wouldn’t stick to the same one the next time I get my next sham(e)poo(h), cause my hair will kinda get ‘immune’ to the same type after a couple of weeks or so.

    Another friend (a girl) read from a girl mag that it is good to sham(e)poo(h) your hair with an Organic shampoo at least once a week.

    At the end of the day, I reckon we should just use the type which suits you and when you’re getting ‘immune’ or sick of the same one, get another one loh.

    $0.02 please.

  2. Wawaweee. here got no 2 cents, so in other words i pay you 5 cents or nothing. tsk tsk.

    Change when i get immune or sick? I don’t know when i will be immune cuz my hair dont seem to talk to me )= And i’m sick of it as soon as i buy it. Ok lah. i keep changing. My hair drop you pay for my wig/hair extensions ya.

    Alas, you wanna buy organic shampoo for me onot ah? 😀

  3. OMG how come you so greedy one! You have to talk to your hair lo, like that 😛 Won’t drop la! My hair’s been really good ler, except the time when I used Pantene. Damnit that thing is like washing your hair with salt or something.

    Good keep changing okay! Psst. Try Herbal Essence if you haven’t. Didn’t get sick of that one that easily 🙂 iLike.

    Still want organic shampoo? One fine day ya? 😀

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