Tickets Tickets Tickets!

Idols = Concerts/Performances = Tickets = Lots of $$$$$$!

The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra will be performing at the Perth Concert Hall on the 14th of September. Repertoire includes the greatest works ever written in the Baroque era. Vivaldi, Handel and a few others. I’m definitely going but i havent bought my tickets yet. Still waiting to see if got any classical kaki wanna accompany me or not. Tsk tsk. Don’t worry about my previous post about guys and classical music. 😛

More details here

AUD29 – Youth under 30

Most of you also know i’ve been so hyped up because of Cirque du Soleil. I’ve gotten the VIP ticket FOC for Friday the 28th of September(i think). Still waiting for the ticket though! )=

More details here

AUD250 – VIP

Jay has also kindly bought me a ticket to Linkin Park ft Chris Cornell and his band live at the Burswood Dome, 18th October 2007 as a ‘surprise’ belated birthday present. Note: ‘surprise’. I found out BEFORE he even bought it but thats another story for another time. Hehe

AUD102.20 – general admission

More details here

And I’ve just purchased a ticket to Idea of North Live in concert at Fly by Night Musician’s Club, 12th October 2007. For those of you who knows nuts about them, they’re an Australian A Capella Quartet. And they’re awesomeeee.

AUD33.60 (including postage for tickets) – Concession

More details here

Now, now.

Josh Groban will be debuting his ‘Awake’ album tour in Perth as well! Guess when??

AUD129 – Premium, AUD89 – Gold

14th October, 2007. HAHA What better timing!

Now now, *ahem* who wants to buy me a ticket? It’s a day before my *ahem* birthday.

:mrgreen: *puppy dog eyes*

Okay la, i accept partial sponsors as well. Beggars can’t be greedy!

(Jonathan, if you’re reading this…guess where Josh Groban’s concert is at? Supreme Court Gardens! LOL!!)

Grand total: AUD543.80 (excluding postage for some of the tickets)

Total paid myself: AUD191.60 (assuming i get the premium seats to Josh Groban myself)


*shakes head*

In all effort to comfort myself, at least I don’t waste money doing other silly stuff ey? Hrmm.


4 thoughts on “Tickets Tickets Tickets!

  1. wtf linkin park! can you import me there? and pay for the travel and concert tix? then i buy josh groban tix for you. muahahaha

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