A Dream

I woke up this morning from a dream. A dream so surreal yet ridiculous.

I couldn’t remember how it started but I remembered the end.

It was my graduation day.

What’s so ridiculous you may ask.

It wasn’t at Murdoch, neither was it for a Bachelor of Mass Communications.

It was at…..


In my dream, I was throwing my mortar hat together with a group of friends(I recognised them in the dream, but i can’t remember who they are)

And….I was carrying my viola. Together with my viola teacher.

Meaning…I graduated from UWA with a degree in music.


Dream interpreter anyone?

14 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. Wow… u have a prenomition !!!!
    Ahahahahhaa, I guess it could be the inner desire and ur dream is just telling u what u truly want. Just my guess… I am not intepreter.

  2. lolsss@@!!! premonition !!! sandra bullock latest show~ featuring premonition II~ featuring sandra WEE! wahahahhaahhaahhahah!!

    quit mass com and head into the stressful world of music! ahhaha

  3. leong: hahaha. haiya. but its like. so. ridiculous. not that i dont like mass com oso. 😀

    ben: pre your momok head ah. later i go insane cus i make the guy die. one morning wake up im doing music, another morning wake up im doing mass com. uh ohh.

  4. You could move to UWA and do Bachelor of Music (Performance) and Bachelor of Arts (Mass Comm)… DUH… If you wanna, you better do it quick, don’t waste time.

  5. Dreams?

    I have been having dreams very often, often to do with… anything. Recently I had a few dreams of having seizures, uh!

    But I think it’s as you say, an old flame which decided to spark. Often when, that old flame aint the direction you’re really facing… (in my case and people around me)

    The happiest dreams tend to be the saddest, no?

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