Hands In The House

This post is again VERY outdated. I’ve got like 6 pre-typed posts all waiting to be published from like…weeks ago. Haha!

Sometimes it’s handy having guys as housemates.

They change the blown light globes.

They check the fuse box when there’s a black out.

They fix the heater and everything else spoilt.

They wash the dishes (because they can’t don’t cook)

They insist on carrying all the heavy grocery bags to show their macho-ness (even if it’s a bottle of milk)

And yes…

They also check for momoks when there’s noises outside :mrgreen:

And oh, with currently 4 guys as housemates and 3 of them has cars…I have long came to a conclusion that…

The only chores that they do without being asked to is…


Cleaning/waxing/polishing their cars.


You see them buying all those wax for their cars. Two of them has white cars. And one of them a red car. So all 3 of it has to be sparkly clean so that it looks nice.

Then they have like… play dates where another friend drives over one sunny afternoon and they polish their car together.



Do you see a guy go buy detergent to mop the floor? (willingly)


2 thoughts on “Hands In The House

  1. eyh but living with us guys better than bitches no?

    apa lagi yg whine about small small things. i got tis girl housemate that screams about cicak and all the small small things.. ish.

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