My parents got me my current laptop in June last year (on the 9th to be specific – that’s the beauty of having a blog) and I’ve not done anything to it since then.

I figured it was time to reformat it because it was becoming awfully laggy and besides, it’s a good time to check out Windows Vista!

Had to transfer all my pictures, songs, documents and what not out. And as I’m typing now, it’s currently in the process of reformatting.

So depressing la.

Even though I’ve got all my stuff but it’s like…. moving house you know?

You move all your stuff with you, but there’s some unwanted rubbish you leave behind in the old house. And there’s the memories how ‘settled’ you were in the old house.


4 thoughts on “Reformatting

  1. Vista is so good ka? Hmm maybe I need to show you an article (which I can’t remember where I read about it) which says a lot of people downgrades their Vista to XP, maybe it has lots of problems I think, but if you are addicted to it, that means you got fate with it. 😛

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